I feel like I have finally hit my stride when it comes to marathon training. The first 3-4 weeks were tough. Though in many ways I was making it tougher on myself than it really needed to be. I was letting the pressure creep back in, instead of just enjoying the process.

Before starting weeks 4-5 I knew that I had to make a mental change if I wanted to enjoy this training cycle. At the end of the day if it’s not fun then it’s not worth doing. I can’t tell you how just making this simple change in my thought process has benefited my training!

Long Run Workout

You can’t make running more than it is and even though it’s a hobby sometimes I forget that. I made a pact with myself to just simply have FUN and that is what I am doing!

This week included traveling to DC to watch my husband run Marine Corps Marathon so I had to adjust the weekend. I worked out to get some help during the week to fit in the important runs and let go of everything else. Sometimes we have to adapt!


Week 5: 10/16/2017-10/22/2017

Stroller Workout

Monday – 8.05 miles @ 9:11 pace

Tuesday – 10.13 mile stroller workout. 2 mile warm up, 6 x 0.5 miles @ 7:15 pace/0.5 miles @ 8:30 pace, and 2 mile cool down. (Splits: 7:10, 8:10, 7:18, 8:24, 7:05, 8:15, 7:11, 8:17, 7:16, 8:09, 7:09, 8:14).

Wednesday – 7.05 miles @ 9:12 pace

Thursday – 16.10 mile long run workout. 7 miles easy, 2 miles (7:30-7:40), 3 miles (7:25), 2 miles (sub 7:25), and 2 mile cool down. (Splits: 8:39, 8:40, 8:24, 8:29, 8:43, 8:21, 8:05, 7:34, 7:30, 7:25, 7:26, 7:21, 7:14, 7:13, 8:29, 8:40).

Friday – Off (traveling to MCM)

Saturday – 6.05 miles @ 8:16 average.

Sunday – Off (Marine Corps Marathon)

TOTAL: 47.38 miles


As you can see my mileage was way down this week since I took two rest days. The most important thing was that I got two solid workouts in and my long run. Let’s talk about that long run! I was nervous about it from the get go but made the choice to just have fun. I really couldn’t believe that I was able to hit those splits and that I did so truly without going overboard. Throwing in tempo at the end of a long run isn’t always easy, but I had fun and it made the miles fly by!

This week may not have been as big as some of my others but I was excited for the miles that I did get in!

MCM Winners

Plus, ending with getting to watch my favorite runner have a winning day made it all worth while!

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