Week 2 is complete in my goal of getting my speed back postpartum. It feels many days like I’m starting over, and in some ways I am!  Oh, and in case you think that reducing your mileage and running a 5k training plan will help give you more energy – think again. Three workouts a week have left me pretty exhausted most weeks and often times thinking about doing it again scares me BUT I am enjoying this change of pace!

The great thing so far about 5k training is the mileage is much more conducive to stroller running. As you all know stroller running is an integral part of postpartum running. In case you missed it, check out my recent post on all thing stroller running hereEaston is much happier sitting in the stroller for anywhere from 4-7 miles most days as opposed to 8+. I miss my double digits some days but I know that this is the key to getting me faster in the longer distances.

Here is a look at week 2 of my 5k training cycle:


Monday – 6.13 miles

I really like starting off my week with a workout. Switched it up with some shorter intervals for Monday.

5k Training Week 2 Workout 1

10 minute warm up, 5 sec – 70 sec intervals with 1 minute recover, and 10 minute cool down. Intervals started around 75-80% effort and worked to end around 90%.

Even on a lack of sleep I was really excited to get this workout done and completed!


Tuesday – 4.41 miles

5k Training Week 2

I had 40 minutes on the schedule for Tuesday. With the weather heating up I’ve learned that the easiest way for me to run on easy days is based on my hear rate. I tried to keep in an easy range and even though it meant slowing myself down a few times it was well worth it!


Wednesday – 6.16 miles

For some reason I thought it would be a great idea to do my first set of 800’s in 1.5 years. My first postpartum track intervals. Oh, did I mention I also would need to run them with a stroller? It’s a good thing I just went out and did it instead of really thinking too much about it.

5k Training Week 2

800’s were as brutal as I remember but I was really happy with my effort. My goal for the 800’s was 3:30 and I ended up running: 3:29, 3:27, 3:28, 3:33, and 3:32 with a 1 minute 45 second recovery. The last two were a struggle but I was proud I stuck it out.

Running this workout with the stroller was TOUGH but I felt super strong at the end!


Thursday – 4.47 miles

I felt really good when I woke up Thursday which I was honestly surprised about. I headed out for 40 minutes easy and really had to scale myself back. Sometimes with lower mileage it is easy to feel like I should be running more but I have to remember 3 workouts a week can be tough and the lower mileage is keeping my health!

5k Training Postpartum Week 2

My marathon training self isn’t used to the reduction but enjoying it!


Friday – 5.5 miles

Friday my husband had a rare day off work so we decided to go run in the same area together! I wanted to get in my 3rd workout for the week and he has a lower mileage day so it worked perfectly.

Remember how I said I was feeling so good on Thursday? On Friday it seemed to catch up to me. My body felt super tired and I really wasn’t feeling like getting a workout in. Thankfully I had hills on the schedule which are hard but not as long of a workout.

5k Training Postpartum Week 2

I completed 5 x 45 second hills at 75-80% effort. Wes and I switched off doing the hills so one of us could be with E and we didn’t have to push the stroller up that beast of a hill.

5k Training Postpartum Week 2

It was a fun but tough workout! I hope to be able to complete 8 by the end of training!


Saturday – 8.54 miles

Saturday I was really feeling a week with no rest, but I knew I’d have a day to recoup on Sunday so I pushed ahead. The goal was 75 minutes. I woke up to 98% humidity but thankfully it was overcast!

5k Training Postpartum Week 2

It took my legs a bit to get into it but once I got about 1-2 miles in I felt like I got in a pretty good rhythm. The run went well and I was pleased with how I felt after a pretty tough week of workouts.

5k Training Postpartum Week 2 Garmin


Sunday – Off

I’m taking Sunday off to spend time with Wes and Easton for Father’s Day. We’ve have a lot going on in the coming weeks so I wanted to make sure I got some special time with the two of them.

Moving your rest day around is completely fine every once in a while. I try to stay consistent for the most part but life happens sometimes.


My total mileage for the week came to 35.21 miles. Right around where my mileage should be in relation to typical marathon training mileage. During an average marathon cycle I average between 50-60 miles per week. I aim to average around 60% of that during 5k training, which would be roughly 33ish miles a week. Of course, each week varies but that gives you a good estimate of where you should be each week.

As I continue to embark on this journey to gain my speed back postpartum I’m focusing on having fun and enjoying the process!

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