Hi there! Sorry I didn’t check in at the end of the week it was a bit of a crazy weekend but I’m back! This weekend was a very special one in our house. We had plans to spend Friday night/Saturday with my Mom and then head to my in-laws on Saturday night to spend the night and Sunday morning there.

Even though I was pregnant with Easton last Mother’s Day this one felt like my first Mother’s Day and I was so excited to spend the weekend with my sweet family and our parents.

Wes and I had a quick meeting to go to Friday afternoon and afterwards he surprised me from some beautiful flowers from Easton.


Friday night we got to my parents, ate dinner, got E to bed, and then just hung out and relaxed. We are slowly getting sleep here finally (more to come on that later) so I wanted to make sure we got there and got him to bed on time.

Saturday morning I got up early because my parents had plans to leave to go out of town and Wes and I wanted to get in a run before they did.

We went to the gym and got in a good progression run. I haven’t been able to run at the gym beside my husband since before I got pregnant so that was a really nice way to start out Mother’s Day weekend.

Back in August of last year, I surprised Wes for his birthday with V02 max testing. We finally found a day for him to have it done and I was excited because I know how much had been looking forward to it. It’s the perfect time as he is between training cycles and it finally worked out with his work schedule.

v02 max testing

The process was pretty simple, they fit him for the mask, got him on the treadmill, and he ran for roughly just over 15 minutes or until he was close to be at his max. The treadmill only went up to 12 mph (5:00 min/mile) so for him that wouldn’t max him out. Instead once he got to 12 mph they started to increase the incline until they had gotten all the readings they needed.

It was a really cool process to watch! We were shocked to learn that Wes had a v02 max of 73.9, which was the highest the guy had ever tested. It also gave him a lot of information on how his body burned carbohydrates vs fat. He was surprised to learn that his body burns fat during all types of running (slow and fast). Typically the body burns more fat on longer and slower runs. His body is very good at utilizing fat as fuel.

He will go back in a few weeks to get his resting metabolic rate tested but I would say the birthday gift was definietly a success!


On Mother’s Day Wes and I woke up and spent lots of extra snuggle time with E. It was a slow morning but we eventually got out and did a quick run together while my in-laws watched him. It was a cool morning and it felt so nice to just go slow and enjoy it. I almost talked myself out of it but was so glad I didn’t!

I ended up running 5 easy miles and the first 2.5 we ran together.

Mother's Day Run

Afterwards I spent more snuggle time with E and played while I tried to get some stretching done.

I love slow mornings like this and it’s the perfect way I wanted to spend my 1st Mother’s Day morning.

Mother's Day

We went out and ran some errands to get E ready for our upcoming vacation to the beach starting next weekend. He’s sizing out of his 3-6 month clothes so I needed to pick up a few more.

I wish I had gotten this hat for him – doesn’t he look so grown up!?


We picked him up these shades and I can’t get over how cute he looks. I was honestly surprised he tolerated them but he didn’t even seem to mind!

It was a very special day and spending time with the ones I love was what made it perfect. My sweet E is the biggest blessing I could ever have imagined and I am so proud to be his mama!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there!


How was your weekend?

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