I just realized as I went to start this post that I never did an official 4 month update on Easton. Mom brain seriously is a REAL thing!

I guess we will just pick right back up at 5 months old!

Our boy turned 5 months old on Monday. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 5 months since that wonderful day that we welcomed him into our family.

Easton 5 Months

His little personality comes out more and more each day. He smiles, laughs, and can turn any day upside down. Even when you are completely tired and exhausted that little smile makes anything better.

Easton Smile

Speaking of sleep (or lack there of) the past month has been very challenging. A couple weeks in all of his habits began to change. He had been very routine for the first 3 months but then that all went out the window. We wake up 5-6 times a night and sometimes screaming. I know there is a 4 month sleep regression and I’m not sure if it is just that or teething but it’s been a rough couple a weeks.

Easton Easter

He got to celebrate his first Easter while we were in Boston, and if I do say so myself he is pretty much the most adorable bunny EVER. It was so much fun having him with us there and I couldn’t think of a more special way to celebrate my first Boston!
Easton 5 Months Smile

Each week I swear we hear new sounds. He’s got the cutest little laugh and I just love hearing it. He responds a lot more than he used to and it’s so fun just to sit there and watch how he reacts to all the new things he encounters each and every day.

This month we began to grab things – and when I say things I mean everything. Nothing is safe at this point. He is so inquisitive and it just amazes me and makes me wonder how amazing it must be to get to experience everything for the first time.

We are still running together quite often but usually his limit is 40-45 minutes. Sometimes we have to stop during the runs but that’s okay it’s worth it to have that sweet face looking up at me during the run!

Easton is beginning to realize he can refuse things which has been interesting. We also aren’t too big on eating these days. I’m not sure if it is teething or just too many distractions, but even in his dark nursery it can take us a LONG time to get a good nursing session in. I even tried the bottle and it doesn’t make much of a difference.

I’m constantly reminded that there will be so many phases in his life so for now this is just the phase we are in. It won’t be like this forever so I just enjoy the wonderful parts and get as many baby snuggles as he will still give me!

Easton Playing

We got him a few new toys and he loves to explore! It’s also great now that he is more attentive to play with toys and it also allows him to get out some of his energy!

We still take short 45 minute naps but I’ve been able to get him on more of a schedule where he naps every 2 hours. Night time is always up in the air but it feels nice to have at least a little bit scheduled out.

Each month that passes I realize just what everyone means when they say time is passing so quickly! I am truly trying to soak up every single minute!

This month has exciting things in store including a family vacation! Looking forward to many more adventures!

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