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We train for weeks, show up on race day, preform our best, and then it’s over. As runners though the process is never really over. If you’re like me running a marathon just adds fuel to the fire to keep reaching for those big goals.

As I learned the hard way after my first Boston Qualifying marathon back in December of 2014, your post-marathon recovery is essential to keeping yourself healthy and able to keep going after those big dreams.

We all do marathon recovery differently, but not letting your body recover can lead to injury or burn out. In my case I have dealt with both and I will be the first to tell you to make sure you let your body get the full recovery it needs.


Over time I’ve learned 5 keys for my body to recovering properly post-marathon.

NO Running

If you look at my husband’s recovery plan it looks drastically different then mine. He runs the very next day after his marathon, but I take an entire week off. I didn’t used to do this, but after burning out during my Chicago Training last year from getting back too soon I realized it’s important to take the time and let my body completely recover. It doesn’t mean I can’t do any activity; it just means for the first full week running is off limits.


Active Recovery 

Even though I have a strict no running for one week rule these days it doesn’t mean I spend my time sitting around the house. I’m a big fan or walking during recovery. It helps to keep my legs moving and get out some of the soreness that comes from marathons. After Boston this was especially important because it took a bigger toll on my legs than any other marathon.

Premier Protein Active Recovery

Another good option for active recovery is spinning. It uses different muscles and can still help to work out your stiff sore legs.


Foam Roll

Foam rolling is such an integral part of my post-marathon recovery. After Boston I was extremely tight in my hamstrings and quads and the only thing that helped to work out those tight muscles was foam rolling. I focus on certain areas each day and by the end of the week I have most of the knots and sore spots worked out.



The meal after the marathon is pretty free reign for me. I don’t try to eat anything specific or healthy even but after the night of the marathon I focus on eating the right foods to help aid my body in its recovery process.

Premier Protein Clear

One of my current ways to get in more protein is Premier Protein Clear. I actually use their chocolate shakes pretty often due to the lower sugar content and high protein, so when I first heard about their clear protein drink I knew I had to give it a try!

The Premier Protein Clear has 20 grams of protein, 90 calories, and ZERO grams of sugar! On top of that it also has no artificial sweeteners. A double win in my book! It comes in a delicious Tropical Punch flavor that can be found at Sam’s Club!

Premier Protein Clear 2

The flavor is refreshing and not too sweet. I actually really enjoy it and is more refreshing than many typical protein drinks. I also plan to use this a lot when I start running again because the taste is much more appealing to me immediately after a run then a thick chocolate shake.

I love that this drink focuses on protein without adding a ton of sugar. This makes it perfect for helping your body recover.

If you order online at Sam’s Club you can get free shipping 4/17 thru 5/17!



I wish I could say I have been following this one lately, but due to teething we aren’t getting much sleep in our house. However; I will say that if you can get enough sleep is absolutely important to letting your body recover. Go to bed an hour earlier, take a nap if you can, and try to limit distractions around bed time. It may seem simple but it can make a world of difference in letting your body recover.

Premier Protein Sleep

The steps you take post-marathon are important to help not only let your body recover but to allow you to perform at your best in your next training cycle! Don’t neglect the little things!

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