Today I want want to share with you the single most important key to running success. Most of you all know my story. You know where I started, what I’ve accomplished, and the goals I have going forward.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about running, and I’d say even to this day I am still learning something new. However; there is one underlying thing that has never changed when it comes to running.

No matter where you are, no matter what level your at, no matter how many years you’ve been running you only get better by doing one thing.

So, what is the most important key to running success?


It seems like such a simple thing but time and time again I’ve seen runners make the same mistake. You can do all the speed workouts, tempos, and long runs your heart desires but if you aren’t consistent with your running then you will often fall short.

Over my years running I’ve had several setbacks. I’ve had stress fractures (tibial and femoral), a cracked rib, and most recently am coming back from pregnancy and childbirth. All of these situations require in some ways the feeling of starting all over from the beginning.

Each time when I’ve started running again I kept reminding myself that it’s not the workouts that get me back, it’s not going out and pounding miles, it’s coming up with a plan and constantly going out there day in and day out and making it happen.

Too many people believe that running takes talent. It doesn’t. If you learn anything from me it’s that I don’t have natural running talent. What I do have is the ability to consistently do what is required and work hard at it.  Even on the days when I’d rather stay in bed, lay on my couch, or just relax I go out there and get it done. Even on the days when I dread the run (yes these happen) I still get out the door.

You won’t be perfect and even when we have the best intentions sometimes we still fall short. Just because you miss one day doesn’t mean you’ve ruined everything, but instead it’s about picking yourself back up. Being consistent. 

Your body has amazing muscle memory and it gets that from consistency. That is what helps you come back after an injury, set back, or childbirth. Your body remembers and can slowly but surely bring you back.

It’s only in the past 2-3 weeks that I’ve started to feel like myself again after having my son on 12/1/16. There were days I thought maybe my body had forgotten how to run, but of course it didn’t. Just like with anything it needed time to get back there, but again with consistent work and determination I slowly am feeling like my old self again. Maybe not as speedy as I once was, but I can get back there.

My husband and I spoke on a Podcast a few weeks ago about our training, pregnancy, and postpartum running. In it I discussed my success I had under Hansons when i was training for my first BQ back in 2014. I said in there that the reason I think I was so successful was that I didn’t miss a workout or a run. Sure, I didn’t hit every pace I needed to and I did fail some of my workouts, but I still got out there and did it. Mentally I was so focused on my goal that I knew no matter what I needed to get it done.

If you are new to running I’m here to tell you – you can do whatever you put your mind to! The key to improving and success is consistency. It is the base of it all and without it you can’t go where you want to go. Keep focused, keeping putting one food in front of the other, and I promise you will get there!

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