Sunday morning we piled in the car after my husband got off work (working a 12 hour night shift right before a 10 hour drive isn’t always pretty) and headed to FL!

My husband was required to come down and take his oral medical boards as well as attend a conference, so we decided to make it a family affair! I’ll be honest the thought of traveling 10 hours with a 3 month old didn’t sound like that fun of a time, BUT I knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to for some fun family time.

We left a little before 8:00 AM on Sunday and got here around 6:00. We actually made pretty good time and Easton handled the road trip like a champ! We broke the driving up into 3 hour increments and when I wasn’t driving it allowed me time to pump and feed E. He was a bit fussy the last couple hours but lets face it I think we all were at that point.

After arriving, getting some groceries, and eating dinner we were all pretty wiped and went to bed early. E was up every 2 hours that night I think because he napped more than usual in the car, but that was OK.

Monday morning we got up and headed out to get in our first runs in Florida. I was excited for a change of scenery as its been getting a little monotonous the past couple weeks.

Florida Running Stroller

All my running for the week will be done with my running stroller, but I’m up for the challenge and love the beautiful weather we are having!

I started the week off with 8 miles (2 warm up, 4 steady effort, and 2 cool down). I’ll talk more about that in Sunday’s training recap but it felt good. My body will have to take some time to get used to the humidity again but thankfully it isn’t too bad down here.

After we finished up we thought it would be the perfect chance to cool off in the pool and let E enjoy his first swim!

Florida Easton Swimming

This little boy really loves the water! We didn’t have any swim trunks for him (and from what I can tell the smallest size they come in is 6 months) so we just went for a quick dip to see how he’d do.

Florida E Swimming with Mom

There are not many times that I can really tire Easton out and he is NOT a napper but right after we got finished at the pool he went down for an hour nap. I’ll take it!

It’s so much fun to see him experience these new things. It makes even the simplest of moments so much more fun.

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love our little family and my boys! It was a quick time in the pool but fun and we definietly hope to do it again before we leave!

Wes had to study most of the day Monday to get ready for his boards on Tuesday morning. I helped occupy E so that he could get some good studying in. We had fun just exploring, playing, and relaxing together. Wes never got any time off when E was born so this is really the longest amount of quality family time we’ve gotten together.

Wes took his boards on Tuesday morning – and of course passed! We celebrated with an afternoon together, dinner, and then some time walking around and exploring.

So far after only a few days in Florida we are having such a great time. Soaking in the moments together and enjoying seeing E experience so many new firsts!

I’ll be checking in again a couple times before leave, but if you’d like more up to date posts on running and Florida adventures follow me on Instagram!

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