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Runners love their running shoes, and I am no exception to this rule. I’ve tried out all different brands, types, and styles over the years and continue to try to branch out my love of running shoes to various brands.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out Reebok’s Harmony Road Shoe.

I’ve worn many pieces of Reebok’s running clothing over the years and have had a lot of success with them. In fact, my current favorite running tights are made by Reebok. However; I have never tried out a running shoe nor did I even realize that they made them.

Before we get into my thoughts on them, lets look a little bit more in detail about the running shoe itself:

  • Synthetic, mesh, seamless SmothFuse upper is lightweight and irritation free.
  • Low-cut designs allows for freedom of motion at the ankles.
  • Tri-zone midsole with Kooshlan TPU absorbs shock
  • High abrasion rubber outsole is durable
  • Carbon rubber heel strike provides traction

The big selling point of the Harmony Road Shoe is the shock-absorbing midsole which helps to deliver comfort longer. The sturdy outsole also helps to make the shoe last you longer.

I’ve been able to run in these shows now 5-6 times. I believe you can’t judge a shoe by the first or even the second run. You need time for the shoes to break in and really get a feel for how your body responds to them.

I’ve run distances from 4 to 10 miles in them to also test them out on how they do for short vs. long distance. They claim to help deliver comfort for longer distances so I knew I’d need to get in a longer run in order to really see if this holds true.

My first reaction to the shoe was that it seemed stiff, but I knew that it wasn’t a deal breaker because this happens with many shoes until you are able to break them in.  The first run or so they still felt stiff afterwards but I definitely was able to tell a difference in the amount of pounding that my legs took and they were recovering really well.

After the second and third time wearing the shoes they started to loosen up. Even better was that they still felt like they had a lot of cushion and my legs were still responding really well, even during marathon training!

There are three main things I look at when trying out a new shoe: weight, comfort, and purpose.

Weight: To me the Harmony Road Shoe would be a good every day trainer. It is a bit too heavy for me to wear during my quicker workouts, but it’s perfect for my easier days when I don’t mind a bit more weight on my foot. The shoes are not heavy by any means but not as light as what I would typically wear for a faster day.

Comfort: I addressed it a bit before, but after the initial feeling that the shoes were a bit stiff, they definitely broke in and were much more comfortable to wear. I would be able to wear them really on any distance run at this point without hesitation.

Purpose: I always want to have a purpose for my shoes. I’ve had a lot of shoes and I’ve found the ones that are just “so-so” end up sitting my closet and not really getting worn. As I mentioned above, these would be a great every day trainer for me and that is one of the tougher shoes for me to find.

Another fun fact – The Reebok Harmony Road Shoe was named as the Runner’s World 2017 Best Debut shoe.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Reebok Harmony Road Shoe. If you are looking for a great every day trainer, definitely give these a look!!

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