Music without a doubt has gotten me through many marathon training cycles. In some ways, running can be a lonely sport. You spend hours out on the roads by yourself and sometimes you can only have so much of just your thoughts to keep you company.

I’ve found music is a great way to not only help you relax when running, but to help you push through when things get tough. Of course, most marathons these days don’t allow you to have music but it doesn’t mean it can’t help you during training!

I use music on most all workouts and long runs. On easy runs many times I will just go out and enjoy the time by myself (or with Easton) and just listen to my own thoughts.

That being said – it’s often hard for me to find songs to help me. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs that have helped me during my Boston Marathon training. Some of these have special meaning and some are just catchy and help me get through the long miles.

Of course, we all have very different taste in music (I’m mostly a country girl myself) but I hope you will enjoy some of these!


Keith Urban Ft. Carrie Underwood – The Fighter

This song really helped me during my 18 miler a few weeks ago when my body was starting to struggle those last 3-4 miles.


Body Like a Backroad – Sam Hunt


The Greatest Love Story – LANco

This isn’t a particularly upbeat song, but my husband and I really love it so I had to include it on the list.


Small Town Boy – Dustin Lynch


Young Brother – Man Up

I have shared this one before but it has become a really great theme song for me during this training cycle.


The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey – Closer


Thunder in the Rain – Kane Brown


Unsteady – XAmbassadors

This is another song that isn’t particularly quick, but it was a song that we used to play for E when he was still in my belly so it holds a lot of special meaning for me and helps me run!


Rascal Flatts – Yours If You Want It


Billy Currington – Do I Make You Wanna


Luke Combs – Hurricane


LOCASH – Ring on Every Finger


There are many more songs on my iPod but I’ll stop there. For me it’s not about fast songs it’s about songs that have a good beat, good message, or have a meaning to me.


What is your favorite music for your runs? I’d love some new suggestions to add to my iPod!

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