Boston Marathon Training Week 6 (13 Weeks Postpartum)

We are one week closer to the Boston Marathon and as the weeks pass I am getting more and more excited! Sure, I don’t feel ready yet but I know it is going to be the most amazing experience.

This week went pretty well and even though I faced another long run mileage milestone I was excited to see how my body would respond.

Here’s a look at my training during week 6:

Monday – 45 minutes progressive

Boston Week 6 Progression

I started the week out with a progression run. These are so fun to me and I love to do them when I am stuck on the treadmill because they make the time fly by.

This week I started with a 10 minute warm up, 45 minute progression (8:57-7:47), and a 10 minute cool down. I completed 7.25 miles total for the day.


Tuesday – 5 miles easy

Boston Week 6 Easy 5

Tuesday are always my stroller mile days. E and I headed out after our morning feeding and it was such a beautiful day. It’s great to be out on the trail when it’s virtually empty. It’s so peaceful and such a great time just to be together and clear my head.

I didn’t check my watch the entire time but ended up running 5 miles at an 8:41 average pace. I was a bit shocked to see that and probably should really try to slow down next time, but it was encouraging! My speed on shorter distances in slowly coming back.


Wednesday – 4 miles with 7 x 10 second hill sprints

Boston Week 6 Hill Sprints

Per usual, Wednesdays are for hill sprints! I did my normal 4 miles on the treadmill easy and followed it up with 7 x 10 second hills sprints at a 9% incline and 6:00 min/mile pace.

I tried to get this run in early so I could let my body rest as much as possible for Thursday’s long run.


Thursday – 18 miles

Boston Week 6 Long Run

I was nervous for this run all week. 18 miles seemed like an eternity for me, but I had to focus on just taking it a mile at a time. The last words my husband said to me before I started with “just relax”, and that was my motto for pretty much the entire run.

I went to the local trail because I really wasn’t feeling the hill areas around my house. Last week’s long run was pretty defeating and I wanted to try to give my legs some easier terrain to run on. I started out feeling good and was surprised that my body didn’t really begin to slow down until around 14 miles. I slowly can feel the endurance strength coming back little by little.

Boston Week 6 18 Miles

I averaged a 9:08 for the entire run with the first 14 miles being under a 9:00 min pace. That surprised me! I didn’t look at my watch until the end, but I could definietly feel my body slowed down. Overall this run went a lot better than last weeks. It is definietly still my most challenging and taxing run each week, but that’s expected since I haven’t run that far in almost a year.

I am learning that speed will come eventually but for now I just do the best I can!


Friday – Rest Day

As usual Friday was my rest day and I was so glad! My body was tired after the week and I took advantage of the day and let it rest and recover.


Saturday – 5 Miles Moderately Hard Effort

The original plan called for the same workout as Monday again on my schedule. I helped my husband in the morning because he had a tough 13 mile tempo run to do.  By the time he finished up it was 12:00 pm and I was absolutely NOT feeling like running.

We went to the trail and E was still sleeping soundly so I decided to do 5 miles as quickly as I could while still maintaining comfortable breathing. I wanted to work but not go too out of control. The first 2 miles were tough but once I got going I felt really good.

My splits ended up: 8:46, 8:39, 8:13, 7:49, and 8:03. I was in shock when I checked my splits after my run. That was my fastest mile ran outside since before I got pregnant and I did it with the stroller. It felt good – really good! I was so happy I talked myself into this run and gave it a chance before I mentally quit.


Sunday – 5 Miles Easy

Sunday will be another 5 miles easy. Most likely on the treadmill due to a baby shower I’m attending later in the day.


There you have it. Week 6 is complete! I’m halfway through my training and that means I am halfway to standing on the start line of the Boston Marathon! I cannot wait!

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