The great and worst thing about social media is that it is a constant reminder of how things have changed. You see a year ago today life was in some ways the same and in other ways very very different. Let’s take a look at then vs. now.

A year ago today I was training for the 2016 Boston Marathon.

I was running hills, speed workouts, tempos, and long runs all getting ready to run my very first Boston Marathon. I didn’t end up running Boston after we found out we were expecting our sweet Easton and I felt it was too early.

Here we are again 1 year later, and I am now training for the 2017 Boston Marathon. I’m still running hills, some workouts, and long runs but there are many differences in the two training cycles.

I ran roughly 50 miles per week when training last year and now am averaging 35-40. My miles are down, my paces are much slower, but I now have a brand new training partner.

You see, a lot can change in just a short year. While from the outside looking in things may not seem that different, but nothing about me feels the same. Don’t take that the wrong way – in many ways things are infinitely better than I ever could have imagined.

My body isn’t the same. My arms, legs, and stomach are bigger. I’m still heavier than I was before and my core is no where near where it used to be. I have to work a lot harder for the things that used to come much easier. However; my body created a beautiful human, birthed him, and still works day in and day out to feed, nourish, and protect him.

My pace isn’t the same. There are many women out there who have come back faster after pregnancy, and one day I do hope that happens for me but it hasn’t happened yet. I slowed down significantly while running during pregnancy and it’s not surprising that I lost fitness during that time. Thankfully continuing to run during pregnancy helped me keep up some of my endurance and made the impact on my body much easier when I started running again postpartum. Do I wish I was faster? Of course. However; I know that I got faster once before and I can do it again with time, consistency, and patience.

My focus isn’t the same. Having a child really changes your focus. I’m still just as motivated to improve, set big goals, and chase them. The pressure I used to put on myself however just isn’t there as much anymore. Sure, it helps that I’m approaching Boston with the simple goal of just finishing but even so my priorities are different. My first and most important priority is my son, if I have to move things or change things around then so be it. My approach and focus isn’t the same as it was a year ago, but that doesn’t mean I will ever give up after chasing my dreams. I still find the time, do the work, and go out there excited!

My training isn’t the same. Obviously I’m running less miles right now to make sure I come back without injury, but it’s more than just that. My training used to happen every morning at 4:00 AM and a lot of my runs involved my husband and myself. Today my training is fit in when I have the time, I often have to get help (so thankful for a supportive family), and I sometimes have to cut miles short in order to make sure I have time to get in strength. My body has to be stronger to be able to run like I want. My training will always change and adapt as I change, and today that definietly holds true.

Then Vs. Now

As you can see, there are a lot of differences this go around and there will most likely be a different outcome in Boston than I would have had last year, but that’s okay!

Life works in crazy and wonderful ways. Looking back is fine but each day I simply focus on looking forward. I work on building my body back to what it once was and what it can be. I work on still chasing those goals and setting new ones and I work to be the best Mom I can possibly be.

I may be slower, weaker, and have a different training than a year ago but crossing that finish line with my sweet boy waiting will make it ALL worth while!

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