Boston Marathon Training Week 2

Boston Marathon Training Week 2 (9 Weeks Postpartum)

I have a feeling these weeks are going to go by pretty fast. Week 2 of Boston Marathon training is already complete. Again I am thankful to have help on my long runs. I truly don’t know what I would do without my parents.

In case you missed it, here is a look at my training plan going into Boston.

Boston Marathon Training Plan

There were a few changes made to the schedule this week but I was still able to get in all the runs even while at the beach for the weekend. A much needed getaway!

Boston Week 2 Beach


Monday – 5 x 400 meter hills

Monday started off a little rough. We actually had a great night of sleep, but he just wasn’t having his rock n play while I was trying to run. In total I ran 6 miles with the 400 meter hills but it was broken up in 4 different sections due to having to stop to nurse, soothe, and change a diaper.

The workout itself was really tough. I of course was on the treadmill which ended up being set at a 9% incline. I know these will be beneficial to me come race day, but they sure are tough!

Boston Week 2

Tuesday – 3 miles easy

Tuesday was easy miles and it was the perfect distance for my little man. This week he has capped out at about 30 minutes which gave me enough time to get in my run and stretch for a minute before he got fussy. I did it on the treadmill again but felt good.

Boston Week 2

Wednesday – 12 miles

I had to move my long run to Wednesday this week because it was the only day I could have someone watch E for me. I drove down to my parents house and ran there. It was a welcomed change of scenery!

The run went pretty well. As I told my husband when I finished “It was OK. It wasn’t confidence boosting but wasn’t bad either.” One of those mediocre long runs. I will say though having somewhere new to run was definietly good for me mental fitness!

Boston Week 2 Long Run

Thursday – 4 miles 5 x 10 second hill sprints

I had another chance to run outside on Thursday which was so nice. I did 4 miles total and finished it off with 5 x 10 second hill sprints. I can’t tell you how much easier hill sprints are outside than on a treadmill. I was honestly surprised how good I felt on this run. I figured after 12 miles the day before I would feel pretty destroyed – but I surprisingly felt great!

Boston Week 2 Hill Sprints

Friday – Off

Saturday – 40 minutes steady

My workout on Saturday was 10 minute warm up, 40 minutes steady, 10 minute cool down. We were down at the beach so I was knew that I would have a nice flat course for the run. I went out with no expectations and told myself I would not look at my watch and only run off effort.

My splints ended up being:10:04 (warm up), 8:46, 8:26, 8:13, 8:05, 8:30 (part of cool down). The negative splits were a real nice surprised when I checked my watch afterwards. I felt really great on this run. The cool air and flat course were perfect for this run. In total I did 6.84 miles.

Boston Week 2 Workout

Sunday – 4 miles easy

The final run of the week is an easy 4 miles.


My hardest runs are still my long run. I have a ways to go on building up my endurance, but I have to say I am really happy with how my body is responding to the training so far. In total I ran 35.84 miles for week 2 of Boston Marathon training.

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