I realized it’s been a while since I’ve done an Easton update. I try to make sure to keep my posts a mix of informative and personal.

Easton 2 Months Old

Easton was officially 2 months old yesterday! It truly is hard to believe because it feels like just yesterday I was sitting in the hospital with this sweet bundle of joy in my arms.

Easton's Birth Story

It’s amazing the difference I can already see in him in just two short months. He’s becoming so much more interactive and the smiles he gives are just amazing. It’s just so wonderful now that he is able to react to us. Those smiles are just perfect.

Easton 2 Months

We’ve slowly been getting the hang of things around here, though of course some days are better than others. He still wakes up about 2-3 times a night depending on what time we get to sleep, and he has had two nights of a 5 hour stretch which is his current record!

My body is adjusting to waking up throughout the night finally and I am so thankful that those wake ups are filled with baby snuggles. He does really good with nursing during the night and is usually back asleep within 30-45 minutes at most.

We are still working on napping during the day. Everyone told me that newborns would sleep most of the day, but ever since he came home we are lucky to get maybe a 1-2 hour nap if that. A typical day includes about two 30-45 minute naps. This ends up leaving him super cranky at the end of the day, which I call his “witching hour.” We’ve been working the past week on helping him get a good long nap in. We are also starting naps in the crib to help him get used to it.

We introduced the pacifier a lot more the past couple weeks and it has helped E learn to soothe himself. This allows me to put him in his pack n play and shower or throw some laundry in.

Easton absolutely loves his daddy. No matter how upset he is in the evening when his daddy comes home and holds him he just lights up. In fact he first smiled for his daddy which is completely okay with me. They love to play together and during the weekend mornings we love to pull him into bed after we wake up.

Easton and Daddy

These are some of the most perfect and wonderful moments. The particular one above was after he peed all over me when I was holding him so that is why he is without his clothes. Ha!

He’s learning more and more about himself as the weeks progress. This week he definietly discovered his hands and now it’s so amazing just to watch him explore how to use them. He’s also much more aware of things around him. We took him out the other day and he spent the entire time just staring at everything. Can you imagine how it must be to see everything for the very first time?

Easton on Couch

I can’t believe how much of a big boy he looks like to me. To others who see him he’s so small, but to me compared to how little he was when he was born he has grown so much! I now know why every mother I see says “time please slow down.”

I truly try to enjoy every second of every day with him. I’ve mentioned before that when I was pregnant I had a hard time connecting with him. I didn’t seem real until the moment they put him in my arms. Now – everything has changed. He has completely turned our lives upside down in the most wonderful way.

His current likes:

  • Tummy time (most of the time)
  • His pacifier
  • Mornings (he is super happy and playful in the morning)
  • His daddy
  • Kicking, kicking, and kicking some more


His current dislikes:

  • Being wiped down
  • Losing his pacifier
  • 5:00-7:00 PM (his “witching hour”)
  • Not being able to see what’s going on

Just a little comparison shot between 1 and 2 months:

I can’t even begin to express in words the love we have for this sweet boy. I look forward to seeing how he will continue to grow for many months to come!

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