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Nutrition has always been key for runners, during pregnancy, and now just as important postpartum. Food is fuel it’s what gets us through the miles, helps grow a strong and healthy baby, and now what is helping to build my body strong and even help to lose the extra weight from pregnancy.

After I had Easton I knew that slowly but surely I needed to start focusing on getting my body back into shape not only to help me gain back energy but to get it ready to eventually start marathon training. The stronger and healthier I could get my body the better my chances of attaining my goals.

The key to healthy eating that I’ve learned over the years is having healthy snacks in the house. This has actually been one of my biggest downfalls in the past primarily because we used to keep a lot of unhealthy snacks around. It’s no secret that both my husband and I have quite the sweet tooth. It was my down fall for years but now I’ve learned that finding healthy alternatives is always key.

I was introduced to Somersaults a couple months ago. At first I figured they were much like any other healthy snack – taste OK but it’s not something you are going to crave and want for an evening snack (the only time I really snack is in the evening before bed). These kind of snacks are great but they still often left me wanting more which didn’t provide a solution.


Somersaults were pleasantly surprising. I actually found myself wanting to continue snacking on them instead of other things I had in my house. I was keeping a small pack in my purse at almost all times because breastfeeding makes me a lot hungrier than normal these days.

So, what makes Somersaults so great for you and the perfect healthy snack?

  • Sunflower seeds are the number 1 ingredient in somersaults. Sunflower seeds are a nutritionally dense superfood, packed with protein, fiber, vitamin E, and healthy fats? That’s why it is the #1 ingredient in Somersaults!
  • They are made from simple, all-natural ingredients.
  • A great source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats.
  • 100% nut free, non-GMO, and certified vegan.
  • Per serving they contain 150 calories, 5-6 grams of natural plant-based protein, less than 3 grams of sugar, and 3 grams of fiber.

Somersaults come in 4 flavors – two which are savory two that are sweet.

  • Sea Salt
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Dutch Cocoa

The cinnamon and dutch cocoa are the perfect option for a healthy sweet treat, and the sea salt and salt & pepper are great when you are craving that bag of chips. They are great to have laying around for those late night snack cravings.

Somersaults cinnamon

I let my husband, mom, and mother-in-law try these and there wasn’t one person who didn’t like them. My mother-in-law even requested some for Christmas so we made sure to sneak some in her stocking!

Finding snacks like Somersaults is important for healthy snacking and to help you fuel your body with the right foods whether you are postpartum, in marathon training, or just looking for healthier options. They are also a light enough snack that I can have them an hour or so before I am going to be hopping on the treadmill


Where can you find Somersaults?

Somersaults are available online and in-store at select Target and Whole Foods Market retailers (you can check out the store locator for specific locations)


If you are looking for a healthy snack for fueling your runs, keeping you feeling full, or just to add healthy all-natural ingredients you have to check out Somersaults! They are definietly now a staple in our household.

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