I told my husband the other night I can’t believe that on Monday I will be 30 weeks. In the beginning of pregnancy 30 weeks feels like you are almost there, and while you are you also have 10 weeks to go! It feels so close and so far away at the same time. I’m at a place where I say “hurry up so we can meet you little man” followed by “time please slow down.”  We are slowly making progress and it is starting to feel more real.

Here is a look at week 29!

Baby in Week 29

29 Weeks: This week our little guy is the size of an acorn squash and is roughly 15.2 inches and 2.5 lbs.


I definietly felt big this week. No way around it now. I think it’s here to stay too, but regardless of how I feel I am still so blessed with this little guy.


Weight Gained: I had another appointment on Thursday and was up 18 lbs. I haven’t gained too much since my last appointment, but doctors didn’t seem worried. He was measuring 30 weeks and his heartbeat was a strong 145.


Symptoms: This week the exhaustion was back full force. I also started having this weird thin where I would feel like I had a brick laying on my chest all the sudden, difficulty breathing, and dizziness. It only happened a few times but they did have me get it check out with my Primary Care Doctor after my bi-weekly appointment. All is well though. They are just assuming as things are getting bigger it may be causing him to push on my diaphragm.


Food Aversions:  None. I still love love love my food!


Food Cravings:  I have really been craving fresh fruit this week. It started when we went out to dinner last week with my husband’s work. They had the best fruit cup and ever since then I just want it all the time! I’m happy with this craving though because at least it is healthy!


Sleep: Ugh. I think it has gotten worse. I toss and turn most of the night, usually wake up every hour, and just have a hard time getting comfortable. Not to mention the random calf cramps that sneaks up on me. Overall, at least I am still able to sleep somewhat and just trying to sleep when I can! Naps would help but unfortunately they aren’t possible with my schedule right now.


Baby Items Purchased: Our in-laws purchased something very exciting for us this week – our running stroller! They knew how important it would be to us and I was in shock when it showed up at the door along with the car seat adaptor!


After research and talking with a few friends, we went with the Thule Urban Glide! I know I still have a while before I get to use it but I’m still really excited!


Exciting Things Happening This Week:  We originally had plans to go out of town this weekend, but they changed at the last minute. Since my husband and I both had Friday off we took the opportunity to drive to Ikea and make a few purchases!


Looking forward To: Making more progress on the nursery! On non-baby related items I am looking forward to going to Chicago and cheering my husband on in the marathon in 2 weeks!



Running in Week 29

This is the first week where I definitely feel really heavy when I run. I notice it about mid-way through the week and it is definitely getting a bit more uncomfortable. I think running will be changing for me in the coming weeks.

Here is a breakdown of my running this week:


Monday – 6.2 miles on the treadmill

Tuesday – 4.15 miles outside

Wednesday – 6.2 miles on the treadmill

Thursday – 4.2 miles on the treadmill

Friday – Off

Saturday – 8.15 miles outside

Sunday – 6 miles


I did cut my long run down to 8 miles this week. As I reach 30 weeks I am starting to realize that my body is going to need a bit of a break. Running is just a lot harder on it so I’m slowly decreasing some of my miles. The plan will be eventually to move to a run every other day method. I am hoping to spin on the alternate days and really work on some strength building both for delivery and post-baby.

It’s hard for me to cut back, but I know it is the right thing as we get closer and closer to his due date. I’m still keeping consistency in my schedule and to me that is the most important thing!

I had to split my long run up a bit to help my husband finish up his last big long run/workout before Chicago. I ran 5 miles near my house, met him to give him water and to change shoes, and then went to a local trail to finish up the last 3. Running sure is getting a lot harder but happy to have completed it!


How did your running go this week?

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