It’s hard to believe on Monday I will be 6 months pregnant. Seriously, where is this time going? Some days I feel like these are LONG days and then before I know it we are in our 6th month? I think I need to get on top of a few things!

The good news is we’ve made some progress this week but the real progress will probably begin after we get through August. For some reason this month is super busy for us!


Baby in Week 23

23 Weeks: This week our little man is the size of a Grapefruit. He is roughly 11.3 inches long and roughly 1.1 lbs.

Photo Aug 13, 6 00 35 PM

I read on one site that over the next 4 weeks he will double in size. I guess I better get ready! Even though I know I’m not that big in comparison with what is coming, I sure feel it!


Weight Gained: I had a checkup appointment on Monday and at that point I was up about 13 lbs. That is roughly what I expected but I am at the point where I am definitely beginning to feel it.


Symptoms: Tired. Tired. Tired. I guess you are probably ready to stop hearing that right? I have been napping almost every day at lunch at my desk. I really struggle about 10 AM each day and then again around 2:30 PM. I’ve given into caffeine a few times just to be able to keep going but really that is the biggest symptom I’m having. I also have some stretching pains here and there but that is to be expected.


Food Aversions: None. Still very thankful for this one!


Food Cravings: Cookie cake. I got one for my husband’s birthday last week and I have not been able to stop thinking about it since then!


Sleep: Sleep is still so-so. I wake up a lot during the night and have a hard time getting a complete and restful night of sleep but I’m still able to fall asleep pretty quickly. I know this one doesn’t get much better either so just trying to take what I can get.


Baby Items Purchased: No real baby items purchased yet. We have a diaper bag, a few onesies, and books but are looking to go and get our registry started in the next week or two. We did pick out our nursery wall color so that is the next task to complete!


Exciting Things Happening This Week: It was a pretty quiet week for the most part. I had my checkup like I mentioned earlier on Monday. Everything looked good and the heartbeat was 143. My next appointment in 4 weeks will be the glucose test and then I will start going every 2 weeks. How did we get to that already?


Looking forward To: Getting away this weekend with my hubby! We are headed down for a beach weekend getaway and even though it will be hot it is nice to just escape for a little bit. However; once we get back I’m looking forward to getting started on the nursery so I will feel like we are making some progress!


Running in Week 23

As you know from my Friday post, this week I had to make some changes to my running. Running is definitely still happening but I have to scale it back a tiny bit and throw in some cross training and strength to help get myself to where I need to be. It’s been a bit tough of a change for me, but I’m finding out that it is now a bit easier for me to know when to give myself a break.

Photo Aug 10, 5 53 28 AM

I have noticed that my body takes a LOT longer to warm up so I can’t judge my runs until at least 30 minutes in. I go really slow during these first 30 minutes. Sometimes my body warms up and is ready to go and sometimes it doesn’t. I just have to play it by how my body feels a little bit more.

The biggest cut backs were on my easy day this week. In the past Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday consisted of somewhere between 6-7 miles and now they are around 4. I try to add extra strength training on these days as well.

Here is a breakdown of my running this week:

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 5.57.48 PM

Monday – 6.2 miles on treadmill AM, 20 minutes spinning PM

Tuesday – 4.10 miles outside

Wednesday – 6.2 miles on the treadmill, 25 minutes spinning

Thursday – 4.10 miles outside

Friday – 9.10 miles outside

Saturday – Off

Sunday – 5.10 miles outside


I did a small strength routine every day this week and then on my shorter days I added a few extra things as I had time.

I had to switch around my long run this week to help out my husband. He is 8 weeks out from running the Chicago Marathon (I’m a tad jealous) and he has some really tough workouts coming up. I knew it would really help him to have support Saturday morning, so I decided to go ahead and get my “long” run done on Friday so I didn’t feel pressured to try and fit it in super early or late.

Photo Aug 08, 5 43 49 AM

I originally was going to opt for the treadmill, but decided to attempt it outside Friday morning. The humidity was awful down at the beach so what was supposed to be 10 ended up being 9.1 miles but still felt good about it.

I like this schedule and even though I know that in the future it may need to change again, I’m doing a much better job at taking it one week and one run at a time than I have in the past.


How did your running go this week?

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