Let’s talk maternity clothes.

I’ve been trying hard to keep looking presentable even during pregnancy. I’ll be honest and say I was never a fashionable one to begin with, but even when you’re pregnant you want to feel good about yourself.

One of my favorite things to wear before getting pregnant was long dresses. I had a few that I could continue wearing for a while, but most of them have had to be put in my closet for the next 6 months or so.

When I found out I would be attending a family wedding this past weekend, I got a little nervous. I definitely didn’t have the clothing that I would need or feel comfortable in for a wedding. I began doing a little bit of research to see what I could find. There were so many options and maternity clothing was really new to me so I reached out to Figure 8 Maternity to get some information on what the best options were for my needs.

I knew the rehearsal dinner was going to require more of a relaxed dress but still I knew I’d feel more comfortable in a dress, and I was so glad I did as people were much more dressed up than the dress code stated!

I love maxi dresses and so far this summer they have come in so handy when I’ve been in the “in between” stages of pregnancy. You know – the period where you aren’t quite showing enough for maternity clothes but still are too big for your regular clothes. I also wanted to make sure that I got something that could grow with me and that I’d be able to wear throughout the rest of pregnancy.

I ended up choosing the Georgia Tank Column Maxi Maternity Dress.

Photo Jul 29, 5 56 21 PM

I opted for a size small since everything I read said to stick with the size you are pre-pregnancy. My dress size is usually a size 2 and size XS was 0-2 and S was 2-4 I opted for the bigger option just in case. I really wanted to ensure I’d be able to wear it again during the pregnancy.

Photo Jul 29, 5 58 03 PM

The dress was extremely soft and comfortable which made it great for the entire evening. I didn’t hug too tightly but it also didn’t hang too loose where it made me look like a box. I’ve tried on several dresses like that and they are just not flattering in any way.

Photo Jul 29, 5 58 05 PM

I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to dresses, so I really enjoyed the simplicity of the dress that you can easily dress up with jewelry and shoes.


On top of the dress, I also received the Must Have Maternity Tank that has quickly become my favorite. You may remember it from my 18 week picture.

Photo Jul 09, 8 18 06 PM

As you tell, I have loved the darker colors during this pregnancy so far. The best thing about this tank is that it is long. I try to pick tops that are longer than most to help elongate my body otherwise I look cut off and awkward.

This shirt is soft, long, and a breathable but non-see through material. I’ve had a lot of trouble with maternity tanks being see through and having to wear 2 at a time.


If you are on the market for some new maternity gear, I’d highly suggest checking out Figure 8 Maternity!

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The clothes were provided by Figure 8 Maternity for an honest review; however, no compensation was received for this post.

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