It’s hard to believe sometimes that I’m halfway through my pregnant. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got all the time in the world and other days I have a panic attack on all the things I still have to do. That’s completely normal right?

Now that I’m halfway there I am starting to learn what products are really coming in handy for pregnancy. Some of these I used right off the bat and some I didn’t try until a little later once I started to show, but they have all had a really positive impact on my pregnancy so far!


Boppy Pregnancy Pillow

I noticed a change in my sleeping patterns pretty quickly after I got pregnant. At first my mind kept racing so I couldn’t sleep, but then after about 16-17 weeks when I started really noticing changes in my body. It became uncomfortable and since I am stomach sleeper I was forcing myself to sleep on my sides.

Once I hit 20 weeks it is recommended to no longer sleep on your back, so I knew that I needed something to help me stay on my sides throughout the night. That’s where the Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow came in!

The pillow itself has a three piece customizable design. You can find the combination that works best for your needs at different points during your pregnancy. There is: head/neck support, belly/back support, and hip/leg/ankle support.

Photo Jun 07, 8 17 28 PM

I currently use all the pieces that came with the pillow but have adjusted it if there was a particular area of my body that needed support during the night. This really has changed my sleep and helped me to not only have a more restful night of sleep but also took the worry away from me about turning over on my stomach or back during the night.


Belli Skincare Products

One of the first things I noticed once I became pregnant was the overabundance of information there is out there on the internet. Not only does everyone have their own (sometimes very strong) opinion about everything, but there were even things I never even realized you needed to change once you became pregnant.

I’m not trying to get into a debate, so I won’t get into all of them but one item I started reading more about was skin care products. There are certain chemicals that are recommended to be avoided such as: Aluminum chloride hexahydarte and salicylic acid to name just two of many.

I looked at the labels of the items that were normally in my skin care routine and I realized quickly that my collection needed an overhaul I look at these as ways to minimize risk. I don’t do every single thing by any means but this was a simple thing to switch up.

I was introduced to the Belli Skincare Line and was quickly hooked. They all have very light and clean smells which is a must for me these days.

My three favorite products from their skin care line currently are: Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator, Stretchmark Minimizing Cream, and Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 7.23.13 PM

These will be a definite part of my skin care routine during pregnancy and even after. My skin has responded wonderfully!


For Two Fitness Clothing

As you all may already know from my previous posts, I held out trying maternity clothes until I absolutely had to. Running clothes have been able to hold out for me a little bit longer, but week by week some of my favorite clothes just aren’t cutting it anymore.

I was introduced to For Two fitness obviously from the social media world. I’ve seen their cute tops everywhere and knew that I wanted to try them out! However; I didn’t know that they also provide shorts and capris!

I tried out the Running for Two tank and the Fortitude Maternity Workout Capris. Let me tell you, both of these maternity running items have made a really big difference. I don’t have to worry about the top riding up on me during runs or the pants being too tight. They fit perfectly and I can run comfortably without having to adjust my clothing every couple of minutes.

Photo Jul 02, 9 51 27 AM

Just like with regular maternity clothing they fit so much better and I don’t dread having to squeeze into something that I obviously can’t fit in right now. It’s part of the process and these definitely make that process a lot easier and a lot more comfortable!


What is a product you swear by (for pregnancy or every day use)?

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