This is my personal experience with running and pregnancy. Please consult your Doctor before starting any exercise program.

It’s is really hard for me to believe that Monday will mean I am halfway through this pregnancy. In some ways I’m already ready to meet this little one, and in some ways I need things to slow down because I have so much to get ready!

Week 19 wasn’t too bad though I am learning that when it comes to running each week does have a way of getting increasingly more difficult in its own way. I still try to approach each week in stride and just take what my body gives me. Sometimes it goes better than others, but the more I’ve learned to look at every running as a blessing the better!

Let’s dive right in today.


Baby in Week 19

19 weeks: Baby is the size of a mango. At our anatomy scan on Monday they said little one was weight about 9 ounces.

Photo Jul 16, 8 50 38 PM

I really can’t hide the bump anymore at all. Thankful for a few maternity items that have made me feel much better.


Weight Gained: As of my anatomy scan I was still hovering between 8-10 lbs. I also weighed myself once at home and it said around 8 as well. It all depends a lot on what I’ve eaten, how much of drank, etc. I’m going to stick with 8-10 lbs though.


Symptoms: No nausea of any kind this week, but that has been gone for the past several weeks anyways. I still deal with a lot of exhaustion and sometimes work can be a pretty big struggle for me. I’ve been giving into caffeine a little bit this week just to keep me going. I still stay way under the suggested 200 mg per day, but so far it seems to have helped enough to keep my mentally alert during work.


Food Aversions: I’m okay with coffee again this week, still sticking to decaf though. No real food aversions that I’ve found which is a good thing.


Food Cravings: I don’t really think there has been any specific this week, but I tend to be really hungry all the time it seems. I do notice that I can’t eat as much as I used to. I get full much quicker even though I feel like I could eat everything in sight.


Sleep: Early in the week I would have told you that sleep was going great.  However, Thursday night everything seemed to shift a little bit. I am having a harder time getting comfortable and lying on my side is causing some serious stiffness and aches in the morning. I have read at 20 weeks you are supposed to stop sleeping on your back and keep finding myself waking up that way. Hopefully sleep will improve a bit, because I sure need it!


Baby Items Purchased: Aside from the things last week nothing much else has changed. We do plan to start our nursery and registry after our gender reveal. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and writing down of things we want, so hopefully I’ll make a little more progress on that next week!


Exciting Things Happening This Week: The most exciting thing this week was that we had our anatomy scan! Yes, we know if we are having a little girl or little boy. I do plan on sharing it on the blog but due to a few schedule complications we had to push back our gender reveal with family until July 23rd. Once the news is out to them I will make sure to share it with you all!


Looking Forward To: Our gender reveal party next Saturday. I know our family is so excited and it will be nice to have everyone together as well! We are so excited to be able to share the news and then really start planning for this little baby’s arrival.


Running Week 19

Running went a little better this week, but I still am fighting this tiredness and the heat. I run mostly in the early hours of the morning to beat the heat, but in order to do that I end up giving up some sleep. It’s not really a winning situation, except for the fact that I get my runs in! I know as the pregnancy continues I may need to adjust things some but for now it seems to be working out okay.

I stayed pretty consistent this week as with last week. I don’t really try to increase my miles much, but instead stick with what I’ve been doing. If I do feel good one day then I can try to increase it but I haven’t felt the need right now.

Here is a breakdown of my runs this week:

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 7.50.15 PM

Monday – 6.15 miles outside

Tuesday – 6.12 miles outside

Wednesday – 3.17 miles outside/30 minutes spinning

Thursday – 6.13 miles outside

Friday – Off

Saturday – 10.10 miles outside

Sunday – 7.1 miles outside


I still mostly stuck to running outdoors since I’m still working to find the right chord for my treadmill. To be honest, I haven’t really made much of an effort to do it but that is one of the tasks on the agenda for this weekend. I really would rather run outdoors because it allows me to completely judge my pace off how I feel, but I do like having the treadmill when weather doesn’t cooperate or I just need something different.

Photo Jul 14, 5 55 03 AM

Saturday’s run felt better but I chose to sleep in as opposed to getting up and beating the heat. This led to a pretty hot and humid 10 miles but after 4-5 miles I was finally able to relax a little bit. I had to stop every 2-2.5 miles to drink water and slow my breathing. I’m learning more and more just how hard pregnancy running can be, but it’s always so rewarding!


How did your running go this week?

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