This is my personal experience with running and pregnancy. Please consult your Doctor before starting any exercise program.

Oh boy. This week was something else. Maybe it was the long weekend, maybe it was just getting a bit further into pregnancy, or maybe it was just an off week but it definitely was a struggle. I really try to take running a day at a time and just listen to my body to see what it can handle. All week my body just felt tired. I never really got out of the funk but just going with the flow as best I can.


Baby in Week 18

18 weeks: This little one is the size of a sweet potato, dragon fruit, or artichoke depending on which site you look at. They all had it differently this week. Baby is roughly 5.5 inches and 6.5 ounces.

Photo Jul 09, 8 18 06 PM

The bump is definitely there now. I’m turning more towards maternity clothes and it’s really hard to hide at this point. As my husband tells me – just embrace it!


Weight Gained: I haven’t gone back to the doctor since 2 weeks ago. At the time I was up just under 10 lbs but haven’t weighed myself since then. I’ll give you an update in next weeks post as I go back to the doctor on Monday.


Symptoms: The only symptom this week has been exhaustion. We got back from the beach on Monday and the heat really took it out of me down there. I find myself dosing off much quicker in the evenings and wanting to nap more than I usually do.


Food Aversions: I usually drink a cup of decaf coffee each morning, but this week I tried it twice and just wasn’t into it.


Food Cravings: The past couple weeks I’ve been craving my Mom’s salsa. I didn’t mention it to her but then on Thursday I met her for lunch and low and behold she had it for me. I can’t tell you how much this made my week!


Sleep: I’ve been really loving my sleep this week. The problem is the heat and humidity doesn’t allow me to sleep in too late if I still want to get in my run. I’ve been sleeping really well but I just never feel like I get enough. I’ve learned to just accept it at this point.


Baby Items Purchased: I found out Thursday my Mom has purchased our baby’s first outfit so I guess there is something! I also have a fun diaper bag I’ll be showing soon that I think will be the winner! Other than that just been grabbing some more maternity items.


Exciting Things Happening This Week: This week there wasn’t much. We did go to the beach which was nice to get away, but baby related it was pretty quiet.


Looking Forward To: This is a BIG week! We have our anatomy scan on Monday and I cannot wait. My husband got to take the morning off to be there which makes it even more exciting. I’ll be sure to share pictures!


Running Week 18

Running and I have a love/hate relationship right now. I love the way running makes me feel and I love keeping my body active; however, the summer is really kicking my butt at the same time. This past weekend I ran in the heat down at the beach, and my body really hasn’t recovered since then. It’s frustrating but I know it won’t last.

Let’s take a look a the recap of this week:

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 9.09.28 AM

Monday – 6.12 miles around the track at the beach

Tuesday – 6.15 miles outside

Wednesday – 3.15 miles outside/30 minutes on the spin bike

Thursday – 6.12 miles outside

Friday – Off

Saturday – 10.12 miles outside (very early)

Sunday – 5-6 miles depending on how I feel


I did change up my scenery this week. We were at the beach Monday, but once we got back each morning was run outside. Since my husband is off nights it allows me to have him out there with me. I didn’t want to get burnt out on the treadmill so it helped to keep most running outside this week. In the future I plan to do a little bit of both. The humidity was pretty killer though.

Photo Jul 07, 5 59 41 AM

My Saturday run was the best. I got up super early with my husband before he went into work. The alarm went of at 3:30 AM which I won’t lie, felt awful. However; when I stepped outside and felt how much cooler it felt I knew it was going to be well worth it. The goal was 8-10 depending on how I felt and thankfully I was able to get in my first double digit run of the pregnancy! Slower than I used to be but felt much better than earlier in the week!

Photo Jul 09, 7 41 29 AM (1)

Hope everyone had a great week!

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