Good morning!

Anyone else pretty excited that we are halfway through the week already? We’ve got our big gender reveal party this weekend so even though I’m excited I have so much to fit in between now and then. No rest this week! Parties are always fun but getting them all planned can sure be stressful.

Pregnancy has brought on a lot of fun and exciting moments. Telling our families, seeing our baby for the first time on the ultrasound, learning how to run through pregnancy, and soon announcing the gender of our little one! There are so many more exciting things to come as well.

However; Tuesday morning when I was out on my run I started to think about the things I miss. Please don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change this for the world. I just began thinking about a few things I can’t wait to experience again after pregnancy.



Tuesday was always my workout day. I remember sometimes dreading them when my alarm went off, but in a lot of ways I miss them. I miss the pain and struggle of pushing my body to hit a certain pace. I miss the feeling of accomplishment when it was complete. I miss the sweat and focus it took to get those workouts in. These are all things that will come back in time, and for now I’m focusing on the sweat and focus it takes simply to get out the door in the morning.

I did incorporate a few short intervals on my Tuesday run which did help to give me a little reminder of that feeling again. Nowhere near what I used to run, but I know I’ll be back there one day. I know some women do incorporate running workouts while pregnant. There is nothing wrong with it but I just haven’t felt comfortable doing it.

Photo Jul 18, 6 00 44 AM



I remember so many women telling me “just wait until you hit your second trimester and you’ll feel like your old self again.” Umm…I think my body missed that cue. I’ve been exhausted most days since the first day I became pregnant and it hasn’t really went away. Maybe it’s my body getting me ready for the years to come, because this may never really fully come back right?

Early morning runs are even more of a struggle with you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck, but I know I probably couldn’t get through most of my work days if I didn’t do them. Here’s to hoping that one day I’ll feel my normal energy again, even if it is several years from now.


Fresh Legs

I’ve noticed during pregnancy my body takes a lot longer to recover that it once did. I’m used to running on tired legs during marathon training, but this just feels a lot different. I think it is a combination of weight gain and just having a lot going on in my body all at once. I can’t expect to feel great, but I do look forward to the day when I know what it feels like to run on fresh or recovered legs once again.

Photo Jul 19, 6 03 54 AM


Sushi and Margaritas

I don’t normally enjoy these two together, but I miss them both so much! While it has nothing to do with running it is a small joy that I look forward to getting back post baby.


I want you all to know that all the things above are just trivial things. In the grand scheme of things I am going to bring a precious baby into this world and I cannot wait. When I think about any of the things I miss I am quickly reminded just how much more wonderful life is about to be! Harder? Sure. However; if I have learned one thing is that the hardest things are what make life worthwhile.

So while I am saying I “miss” these things I know that eventually they will all come back and for now I am doing something that I’ve have a hard time doing for quite some time – being kind to myself.  This is one time I’ll never get back and I am trying my hardest to embrace every single minute!

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