Hi! Today is my last official day of vacation (I don’t count Monday because that is our travel day). I’m super sad that it’s already over, how can a week possibly go by this quickly!? We had a wonderful time and it was definietly needed for both of us.

I stuck pretty consistent to my running while on vacation. It wasn’t a necessity but it makes me feel better and helps me relax a lot. The toughest thing about running this past week was the heat and humidity. I wasn’t expecting it to be as bad as it was. It takes time for my body to acclimate, and it still isn’t quite there but I learned a lot about letting myself take it easy, relax, and always taking water with me!

Anyways, here is a look at my running this past week on vacation:


Total time: 45 minutes (4.9 miles)

Monday we woke up and my husband decided he wanted to head to the track (about 4 miles away from our hotel) for a small workout. I didn’t have a workout planned, but decided to head over with him and just run around a new area.

Photo May 23, 9 48 22 AM

I opted for 45 minutes and covered 4.9 miles. I also walked a lap or so around the track so in total did about 5 miles for the day.



Total time: 40 minutes (4.4 miles)

This was a tough one. The heat had picked up and even though I got out early I was really tired the entire time. Some days it isn’t about going your fastest or furthest its about just getting out there and putting the time in.

Photo May 24, 9 24 06 AM

I was so thankful for my handheld water bottle this week! I did a total of 4.4 miles.



Total time: 45 minutes (4 mile run/walk)

Wednesday is normally my “step back” day lately, but I didn’t have any form of cross training while at the beach. I decided instead of just walking I would go out on the beach and do 5 minutes running/5 minutes walking for around 45 minutes. I ended up covering just at 4 miles in that time.

Photo May 22, 7 07 56 PM

It was nice to step back a bit and enjoy the beauty of the beach.



Total time: 40 minutes (4.33 miles)

I originally had planned to go for 45 minutes on Thursday, but it was the hottest morning and when I got to the 20 minute mark I knew there was no reason to push myself. I turned around and cut the run at 40 minutes. There were lots of stops and water breaks, but that’s okay!


I normally take my Friday off, but I really wanted to get the blood flowing in my legs so I went on a 2.5 mile walk just to keep moving.

Photo May 27, 12 55 26 PM

The rest of the day was spent looking at this view, and I have decided it is the absolute best way to spend your rest day.



Total time: 60 minutes (6.51 miles)

Saturday was my long run and to be honest when I woke up I was dreading it. We had spent most of the day in the sun on Friday which meant I was really tired Saturday morning. Even with 8 hours of sleep I just felt sluggish and knew how hot and humid it was going to be.

I set out with lots of water and the goal of simply relaxing and just letting the run come to me. The first 30 minutes actually went by pretty quickly; however, the last 30 minutes were a bit tougher but I did get my first (surprising) mile under 9:00 minutes in quite some time.

Photo May 28, 9 02 43 AM

Overall, I enjoyed the run and just did what my body allowed.



I’m not entirely sure what today will bring. I’d like to go for a walk or run/walk but will treat it more as an active recovery day.


The heat and humidity can change up a lot in training, and it is important to make sure you let your body get used to it and take it easy to some extent. It may have not been the perfect running week, but I’m happy with the consistency and focus on relaxing and enjoying each run.

I’ve got some super exciting things coming up this week so stay tuned! Promise you won’t want to miss it!


How did your running go this week?

Do you have to take time to adjust to the heat and humidity?

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