First of all, I want to thank you all so much for the sweet messages I’ve received on the blog, my email, and on Instagram. It was a hard post for me to write, but I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to read all your sweet words. I am truly blessed. I haven’t had a chance to respond to them all yet, but I promise I will!

This has been a crazy couple of weeks, but now I am finally settled and finding peace with my decision. We leave today to travel up to Boston so even though I’m sure there will be moments that are hard, I am so excited to be there to cheer on my husband and all the hard work he has put into his training!


“A minor setback is an exquisite set up for a major come back, remember that.”


Now that you know what I’ve been struggling with the past couple weeks, I thought I would respond to a few questions I’ve received.


What have you been doing while not running?

There have been short/small runs happening that are usually incorporated with a good amount of walking. I’ve been having a lot of one on one time my pup! It’s really all my body seems to be able to handle now.

Yes, I have been frustrated with the fitness I am probably loosing, but I’ve been trying to focus on my health and putting that as a priority before everything else.

In the mean time I have also been incorporating more strength work. Nothing too exerting, but it helps me to feel better and I know in the end it will only help me when I really start training again. I think this helps to take the pressure off.

Photo Mar 30, 5 51 54 AM

I’ve also been taking the time to help my husband in his last several weeks in training. I’ve followed him on a few of his longer runs and helped provide fuel. It’s helped me take my mind off it a bit, and I’ve loved being able to help in any way that I can.


Do you have any fall race goals?

Obviously, most things are up in the air right now, but even when the plan was to run Boston I had decided I wouldn’t run a fall marathon. I usually run one a year, and knowing I’d have Boston in April I was 100% okay with forgoing a fall race.

My goal now is just to focus on Boston in April 2017 once I am feeling more like myself again, whenever that may be.  I don’t have any real goals right now except getting back to normal.

My husband will be most likely running Chicago in the fall again, so if nothing else I get to travel and witness that wonderful race again!

I’ve considered running a few shorter races in the fall, but right now I’m not committing to anything as I want to make sure I get things where they need to be before I do that.


What about your coach?

I am beyond blessed to have such a supportive coach who has been there and known when to not push. He was 100% supportive of my decision. I am still a part of the DWRunning team and will continue to be. He is there when I am ready, but right now since I’m not doing much running he isn’t making a weekly training schedule for me.

Once I am ready again I will let him know and we will talk and discuss my future plans.

Photo Apr 14, 5 46 53 PM

I think that about covers most of the questions I have received. There isn’t much known for sure, but I realize I need to rest and figure out everything before I start pounding my body through training again. There is a chance I could go out there Monday and run and complete it, but I know it wouldn’t be the smart decision.

Life doesn’t always work out like we want it to, but I am determined to keep my head up and enjoy the amazing experience of Boston even if I am not running it.

Plus, I wasn’t too crazy about the Boston jacket colors this year so here is to hoping 2017’s are awesome! (I kid).


Again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support. I promise I will be back with lots of running and fun!

We are leaving today to make the long trek up to Boston! I’ll try to post on here at least once, but make sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (RunningWife)!

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