Good morning!

I have to say this week has really been awesome so far. There hasn’t been anything out of the ordinary, but my outlook has changed so much the past couple weeks and I am learning to let go of the things I don’t have control over. Life is so much more than running (I know can you really believe that I just said that?), and sometimes I think I let myself get way too caught up in that.

I’ve got some exciting things happening this week. My 30th birthday is Saturday and we have a whole weekend of celebrating planned. I really can’t believe I’ll be turning 30. To be honest, for the longest time I was really dreading this day but I don’t care anymore; age is just a number and I know that I have so many amazing things ahead of me!

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Now that my new blog has been up and running for a few weeks (I know there are a few kinks to be worked out still), I thought I’d talk a little bit about my views on blogging on here. I’ve been blogging almost 2-3 years, and over time I’ve figured out more of not only the focus but what I will and will not be including.

My blog is a running, fitness, and marriage blog. It is a bit of an odd conglomeration but it works for me. Even though I could talk a lot about other aspects of my life I choose not to, because that’s not what the focus of this. I love the blogs that document every moment of their day, but that’s just not me. I tend to stick to the focus. Of course, I can always expand in the future but that is what I see my blog being.

That being said – you won’t see many pictures of family, friends, or others in my life. That’s because I choose to keep that part of my life private. I choose to put information out there, but they do not so that is why I choose not to include them in the blog.

I want this blog to be personal, both the good and the bad, of my running, fitness and marriage journey so I try not to keep things sugar coated. I love the happy times but I personally get more from reading people’s true accounts of the hard times so I want to make sure to include some of that in here as well. I don’t 100% know what my blog will look like or what I’ll include but I do know that I am sticking with these main focuses in my life.

However, I do want to hear from YOU! If you want to see something in particular on the blog please let me know! I love hearing your ideas!

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Do you like the randomness of this post so far? Ha!

In other news, I haven’t been feeling so well lately. My body hasn’t really been responding like it should and it’s been worrying me a bit. I’ve had to skip a few longer/intense runs in order to take care of myself. To say it’s been stressing me out would be an understatement, but just trying to take it a day at a time and see what happens. I think that is just going to be the motto of my life!

It’s a good thing I have a lot of distractions coming my way this weekend!


I think that about catches you up with what has been going on in my life lately!

What would you like to see on my new blog?

Tell me something going on in your life!

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