Thanks for your patience with some blog issues this week. I think I have them all worked out, but I apologize for only two posts. I will be back up and running normal next week!


I like to title each of my training weeks. This week was going by just wonderfully until I woke up Friday morning with a pounding sinus headache and a sore throat. More on that later…

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on Friday’s post as well as on my Instagram. It was a hard decision for me to make, but I know deep down it was the right decision without a doubt. I look forward to the next 8-9 weeks and putting in a strong effort.

I don’t know all even enjoy these posts (so if you don’t, please let me know), but I’d still like to recap each week. It allows me to document my training and share it with each of you all at the same time!

Here is this week’s running:


Total: 5 miles

Monday was a tough day for me; however, most Monday’s usually are when my alarm goes off at 4:30 AM. My legs took a while to warm up and I’m not quite even sure they did.

Weekly Recap4

I ran 5 slow and easy miles and just focused on relaxing my body as best I could.


Total: 6 miles

Tuesday called for a workout. It wasn’t anything crazy but enough to get my heart rate up, my legs moving quicker, and a reminder of just how good it feels to put in the work.

My workout was: 2.5 mile warm up, 2 x (5 minutes MP effort, 3 minutes HMP effort, 1 minute FAST), and a quick cool down.

Weekly Recap1

The MP effort was ran around a 7:40, the HMP effort was ran around a 7:20 or so, and the FAST ended up being right around a 7:00. I didn’t hit my watch to get exact paces, but I tried to glance at to see where I was. The great thing about training right now is most workouts can go simply off effort.


Total: 4 miles

These 4 mile days are a struggle for me. In my last training cycle the lowest mileage I did on any days was 6. It is hard for me to mentally stop at 4 miles, but having a coach is a great way to ensure that I do that.

Weekly Recap3

I had to run on the treadmill due to rain, but thankfully it ended up being on one of my shorter days. I ran this without music (which I never do on the treadmill), but it felt really nice to just mentally check out and relax for the miles. I really wanted to keep running but stopped that little voice in my head and cut it like I was supposed to.


Total: 6 miles

Thursday I had another shorter workout scheduled. My schedule called for 6 total miles which consisted of 2 easy and 4 progressive.

My splits turned out: 9:35 (I start really slow), 8:48, 8:04, 7:51, 7:42, and 7:25.

Weekly Recap2

Pacing myself is really hard for me in the dark. I really don’t know why but progressive runs have always been hard that early in the morning. I thankfully pulled this one off and really made sure to hold myself back so I could finish that last mile faster.




Total: 2.2 miles

Wait…what!? Isn’t this supposed to be my long run? Well…yes it was.

As I mentioned earlier, Friday morning I woke up with a sore throat and sinus pressure. I was hoping it would pass quickly but Friday night was rough. I kept waking up and when I took my temperature before getting out of bed Saturday morning it was over 100.

I quickly realized a long run on Saturday was not happening. Instead, I followed my husband in the car for about half of his run to help him and then headed over to a local park to wait for him to finish. The plan originally was to run the 4 miles I would have run Sunday; however, after 2.2 miles I called it quits.

Weekly Recap1

My body just wasn’t having it so I called it a day.


Total: 15 miles (?)

The goal is to try to get in my long run, but this will all depend on how I feel when I wake up. My coach has stated to do whatever I can but not to push to get in 15 if I’m not feeling like it or still running a fever. Fingers crossed this nasty bug goes away!!

Edited: I ended up only get in 10. I’ll take it and hope for a better week next week!

How did your running go this week?

What was your toughest run?

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