All runs and workouts listed below are created specifically for me by my coach

Who knew coughing could be such a great workout? This sickness may be annoying but my core is constantly sore from all the coughing! Ha!

In all seriousness, this week hasn’t been the easiest trying to battle this sickness along with training, but I’ve managed to do the best I can. I’m hoping by next week I will be feeling 100%, but I can’t complain because last weekend was awful so compared to that I feel great. I’m happy to just have gotten through each run.


Here is a look at training T-10 weeks out from Boston. I am trying not to panic that I just said Boston is 10 weeks away.



Total: 5 miles

I really thought I was on the mend Monday. For the first time my pace got back down to what is normal for me, and I wasn’t feeling completely destroyed.

weekly recap2

I ran 5 easy miles on Monday and finished it off with 5 x 100 meter strides and form drills. It was a good start to the week, even though I may have been a little pre-mature on how my body was feeling.



Total: 6 miles

My coach had scheduled a workout made for the treadmill on Tuesday. It was nice because all paces and incline levels were spelled out very easy, so it took so much of the guess work out for me!

The workout: 1.5 mile warm up, 2 x (0.1M @ 6:40, 0.15M easy), 6 x (0.25M @ 7:40 pace at 4% incline, 0.25M @ 7:40 pace at 0% incline), and a cool down.

weekly recap5

I really underestimated this workout when I first looked at it. I don’t know if it was the sickness or what, but it was a real struggle for me. I felt awful for a good chunk of it. This was just one of those runs that you want to be over. I still completed it which made me feel good, but it definitely wasn’t a confidence booster.



Total: 4 miles

Wednesday was all about recovery from my struggle of a run on Tuesday. This one really didn’t feel much better mostly because the temperature dropped so much this week. With my congestion, my lungs just did not like being outside.

I was coughing throughout the run, and kept it very slow.

weekly recap1



Total: 6 miles

My last week day run was a combination run. It was a total of 6 miles with 4 miles easy and 2 miles moderate. Even though it’s not a tough run, I was a bit nervous going into it with how badly my body had been feeling the last few days.

I couldn’t look at my watch for this run since it was under about 4 different layers, but I focused on running off of effort. The great thing about not having a goal time for Boston is that I can do a lot more effort based running.

weekly recap3

My splits ended up being: 9:06, 8:34, 8:57, 8:45, 7:48, and 7:42. After I checked out my splits I realized I probably went a little quick on those last two, but my body didn’t feel like it was working hard. It felt like a good/moderate effort.






Total: 16 miles

I checked out the weather Friday night and it really wasn’t looking positive for my long run. The weather was 25 degrees (which is fine) but also with 15 mph winds. I knew that it probably wasn’t smart to run in that weather still battling the ends of my cold.

I packed up and headed to the gym once I got up Saturday morning. It wasn’t ideal, but I knew I just needed to focus on relaxing.

I ran a mile around the small indoor track (20 laps) as a warm up and then headed to the treadmill to get the fun started. I ran 15.5 miles on the treadmill starting at 9:05 pace and working my way down every couple miles. Progression runs help to keep me focused and mentally in check during long treadmill runs.

weekly recap4

Overall, it was a pretty good run. I would have much rather done it outside but you can’t win them all!



Total: 4 miles

The goal is to really focus on recovery for this one.


How did your running go this week?

What was your best and worst run?

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