Every week I sit down to write out my training, and it’s actually quite fun! I look back and really focus on not only how the runs went but how my body felt, how I felt mentally, and how I felt afterwards. There are so many tiny pieces that sometimes day in and day out we don’t pay attention to.

My body has been feeling a little off this week. I’ve had good runs, but something has just been different. I’m not worried but it’s good to pay attention to those little things as well.


Here is a breakdown of my training this week:


Total: 5 miles

The week started out with treadmill running. Not ideal, not planned, but it was forced due to ice and snow being all over the roads. I had secretly hoped we would have a delay at work, but alas it did not happen. Since it was dark and the roads were icy – the treadmill it was!

Learning to Bend602

They were easy miles, which make treadmill running a little more mentally boring, but got it done and I was happy to start the week out on a good note.



Total: 6 miles

My first workout of the week was on Tuesday. I once again opted for the treadmill because there was still a good amount of ice on the road and I didn’t want to worry about it throughout the workout.

Thankfully the workout made the time pass by much quicker.

The workout was: 2.5 mile warm up, 6 x (2 minutes FAST, 2 minutes easy), and a cool down. I really like these types of workouts because they keep your body guessing. These were done at a 1% incline.

Learning to Bend600

I know my treadmill is a little off when it comes to speed, so I always do workouts on it based on effort. I don’t necessary look at the pace I’m putting it at. If it feels fast then that is what I put it on. It takes some trial and error but I’ve finally figured out how to run based on effort in these cases.



Total: 4 miles

I was so happy that Wednesday only called for an easy 4 miles. This is very different for me, before my easy days were never under 6-7, but I am just rolling with it.

I was exhausted from the moment my feet hit the floor that morning. My eyes didn’t want to open, I knew it was cold outside, and I really just wanted to stay in bed. As I began running even then I didn’t feel much better. I go through it and just focused on taking it super easy.

Learning to Bend603

Three days on the treadmill (Saturday, Monday and Tuesday) always give my body a pretty good beating so I was happy that it felt it on an easy day as opposed to a workout day.



Total: 6 miles

I had my next workout on Thursday, and thankfully I felt confident I could do this one outside. It was a simple workout, but it felt nice to speed it up and breathe in the cold air on a workout again.

The workout: 6 miles total with 3 miles easy, 3 miles at marathon pace. I actually didn’t look at my watch the entire time, which is really unlike the pace and Garmin obsessed person I can often be. It’s amazing that I actually hit almost right on pace throughout it! This won’t be a constant thing but it really helps take the pressure off.


I finished it off with strength work and stretching.






Total: 14 miles

I was really looking forward to my long run this week. We had people coming over in the late morning, so I got up early than normal to get my run started.

The first couple miles were pretty tough. My body just wasn’t getting into it and I was freezing cold. My hands were hurting and I had to keep blowing in them to get them warmed up. After about 10 miles they finally got to feeling better.

I also had 2 different dogs run at me, which was pretty scary. As a dog owner it drove me absolutely crazy, but thankfully they didn’t cause any issues except elevating my heart rate way too much. Overall, it was a good and hilly run just as my schedule called for.

It was so nice to be able to get outside this week for my long run! They are just so much easier.



Total: 5 miles

I’ve got 5 easy miles on the schedule. It’s supposed to be in the 60’s so I am pretty excited about this one!


I’ve made some decisions about my Boston training, so stay tuned this week!


How did your running go this week?

How does your body respond to treadmill running?

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