All of my runs and workouts in my training log are personalized for me by my running coach.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and happy first weekend of the New Year!

I enjoyed the short work week and more focus on my running for the first two days of the week. They allowed me to get some good workouts done at the beginning of the week and then work slowly back into the work week with some easy running.

New Year Training2

Let’s take a look at my first training week of the New Year:


Total: 7 miles

The week started off rainy, as it would be for the next several days. I don’t know why but someone needs to go ahead and get this dreary weather to STOP!

I headed to the gym on Monday to do my scheduled run. The goal was 6 miles easy and 1 mile moderate. The 6 miles were done (9:15-8:45 pace) and the final mile at an 8:00 min pace. I had the treadmill on a 1% incline throughout the entire run.

New Year Training3

Overall a good run, but a bit harder feeling than I would have liked due to being on the treadmill.



Total: 10.5 miles

This was going to be my big workout for the week. I head let my coach know ahead of time that I would be off work so he made sure to write in a bigger workout for me.

Scheduled workout: warm up, 4 miles at 7:30 pace, 5 minute recovery, 4 x 800 meters (start at 7:10 and work down), and cool down.

Actual workout: warm up, 4 miles at 7:30 pace, 5 minute recovery, 4 x 800 meters (7:13, 7:08, 7:02, 6:53), and cool down.

New Year Training1

The cool down was quick because I had reached the max of just over 10 for the day. This run was unfortunately on the treadmill again due to the rain, but just focused on one section at a time. It was a hard one but I remember what my coach wrote in the comments “BE TOUGH” and I kept repeating it to myself throughout the run.



Total: 4 miles

When I first looked at my schedule for Wednesday, I was quite surprised to see 4 easy miles written in. I haven’t run anything less than 5-6 miles in one day in a long time, but I did as instructed and it took it easy.

New Year Training5

I was so glad I did. I was sore from my workout and leg strength work afterwards from the day before and it was short enough to fit in outside before the rain started again.



Total: 6 miles

Thursday called for another mix of easy and moderate running. In total 6 miles with 1 mile at moderate effort. Thankfully it was only misting when I woke up so I was determined to get this one done outside.

The first 5 were taken very slow and then I picked it up for the last one. I didn’t look at my watch until I got back because I was determined to not be watch obsessed.

New Year Training6

I ended up running the last mile at 7:50. I surprised myself with that one. It really didn’t feel that bad so it was a nice way to end 2015!






Total: 12 miles

Saturday’s run was such a blessing. I wasn’t expecting it, but those are the best kind of runs right?

Scheduled workout: 6 miles easy, 4 miles moderate, 2 miles FAST

Actual workout: 6 miles easy (9:05, 8:49, 8:26, 8:31, 8:39, 8:31), 4 miles moderate (7:56, 7:57, 7:54, 7;59), and 2 miles FAST (7:15, 7:17)

As the run progressed aerobically I found really good. The moderate miles didn’t feel like that much of a challenge, and the fast miles weren’t easy but they didn’t feel near as hard as the two miles at the end of last week’s long run which were in the 7:40 range.

New Year Training1

It just goes to show you a lot can change from one week to the next! As I do after every long run and workout, I finished it off with leg strength work.



Total: 5 miles

The goal is 5 easy, very slow miles on Sunday!


Another week is done and I felt good at the end! I felt like mentally I was very focused this week and that has really helped me put things in perspective.

I’ve got some exciting things coming up this week, so stay tuned!


How did your running go this week?

What is your first race of 2016?

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