If you are a long time reader of my little blog, then you may remember a post I did a couple years ago (has it really been that long already?) about a time when I fell out of love with running.

As runners, some believe that we get up every day excited and ready to go run. Um, yeah that doesn’t happen. Ok, some days it does but a majority of the time we are still battling that voice inside of our head that is telling us it would be a lot more fun to stay in our nice warm beds.

Treadmill Survival1

There are phases for any runner where running gets hard. It can be for many reasons, but sometimes it’s important to be able to recognize when you are starting to get there.

After Chicago I was definitely in a place of frustration with running. I was burnt out, tired, and even remember saying throughout the time running the Chicago Marathon, “I swear I am taking a break for a long time after this race.”

The race went well but not as I had originally planned, and I was starting to get frustrated with how my body was responding to my training. In reality, I knew I needed a change but wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go with it.

Week 142

I took an entire week off after Chicago and then started running slowly again. I took about a month with a few workouts but no real plan and was still struggling to find the motivation to really get focused again. That’s part of the reason that I made the decision to hire a running coach.

These times are tough, it makes you question the work you’ve put it, and if you really are crazy. However, a life without running to me just isn’t the same so I knew deep down that this was what I truly wanted.

New Year Training3

This past week was the first time I started to realize that I had found the joy in running again. Sure, I had some great runs but that wasn’t what caused the change, it was my attitude. Even though the struggle, I still enjoy and love to run.

Attitude is everything with running. You can either go out the door pissed off, frustrated, stressed, or you can go out the door and look forward to clearing your mind and working hard for something. It doesn’t mean it is going to be easy every single day, but it does mean that you are seeing running more for what it can do for you rather than something you have to do.

I’ve been through injuries that have taken away my ability to run, and I can promise you they are no fun. While injuries are a part of life, they also teach you to not take running for granted.

Sure, Tuesday morning when I went out to do my short run and it was 20 degrees I was really wanting to run back into my nice warm bed; however, I knew that the feeling I have when I get back will be well worth it, and I was right! I went out with the attitude to just go run to enjoy it.

Running is fun, reaching goals is fun, but to really get to those goals there are a lot of not-so-fun moments.  Workouts that take more than you’ve got sometimes, days when you really just don’t want to do it, not hitting your goal(s), etc. It’s going to happen, you will go through phases, but at the end of the day if you truly run because you enjoy it then it will come back.

Don’t fret if you go through a downward spiral. If you really are starting to not love running, then don’t! I know that’s weird coming from me but as someone who has been there in the past, sometimes taking time off is just what you and your body need!



If you are still with me after this long and jumbled post, then congrats! I guess the point is running is going to be a hilly ride. Hang on tight and ride the waves!


Have you ever had a down phase in your running?

What did you do to help get yourself out of it?

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