I started this week with extremely high hopes of getting refocused on my training. The extra added rest day last week I was hoping would excel me into an awesome week.

The reality: I had some good parts of my training, but it really wasn’t the week I had hoped it would be. Not going to worry too much about it because I know I still gave really good effort.

The month of December for me is really about listening to when my body is ready. I’ll run easy, do workouts, and just let my body determine what it’s ready for.

The weather also through a pretty big wench in my plans:

Running Week5

It poured rain for 3 days and finally Thursday I was able to get back outside! Thank goodness for our basement treadmill. It may not be the best, but it gets the job done.


Here is a look at my running throughout this week:

Monday – 8 miles

I started my week out with a treadmill workout.

The workout:
Warm up
6 x (2 minutes at 5k pace, 2 minutes easy)
5 minute jog
3 x 200 meters
4 x 100 meters
Cool down

Looking at the workout it didn’t seem that bad, but it knocked me on my butt! I felt pretty awful when I woke up and was just not into it at all. You can’t win them all.

Running Week4

I gave it my best effort but was pretty exhausted once it was done.


Tuesday – 6 miles

I was happy for an easy run Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, the rain still kept me on the treadmill so I’m pretty sure it was the longest 6 miles of my life.

Running Week2

I focused on really keeping it slow even though I wanted to speed it up to get it done with it. It’s amazing how much quicker runs go outside!


Wednesday – 9 miles

Wednesday I was feeling really bad. My body felt weak and I had the feeling like I was about to get the flu. After talking myself down on the treadmill I figured I’d try my workout but cut it as soon as I felt it was too much.

The workout:
Warm up
4 x 1 mile (progressively faster: 7:20, 7:13, 7:08, 7:00)
I can’t get exact paces because I have to go off effort on the treadmill because mine is slightly off. I know roughly how much it’s off and go from there.
400 meters between each mile
Cool down

In total it ended up being just over 9 miles.

Running Week1

I actually felt so much better AFTER this run. I really didn’t think it was going to happen, but I surprised myself!


Thursday – 6 miles

I finally got back outside on Thursday and was so grateful.

Running Week3

As you can see it was a slow and steady 6 miles. Nothing fancy and that is exactly how I wanted it to be. My body never really got into it, but it felt good to just run without a specified pace.


Friday – Off

I’ve really been focusing on embracing and enjoying my rest days recently.

Running Week6

This Friday morning instead of having to rush out the door to run like most mornings, I sat on the couch, talked to my husband after his run, checked emails, and took in the Christmas tree. There is nothing better than sitting by the Christmas tree on a cold winter morning!



Saturday – 14 miles

Saturday I decided to not only do a long run, but work in a workout as well.

The original plan was: 7 miles easy, 3 miles (around 8:00 min pace), 3 miles (7:30-8:00), and 1 mile very easy for a cool down.

Running Week7

The workout ended up breaking down as:

7 miles: 9:15, 8:49, 8:13, 8:34, 8:34, 8:28, 8:41
3 miles: 8:05, 8:00, 7:54
3 miles: 7:31, 7:33, 7:39

Running Week8

Overall, I stuck to the paces. The real goal for me of this run was to actually stick to the pace ranges that were prescribed. I watched my pace, which I usually don’t, just to make sure I didn’t go out of control.


Sunday – 6 miles

The goal is an easy 5-6 miles. Same goal is last week but I have total faith I’ll make it out this week!


Having high hopes for next week, but happy I stuck it out. Some weeks even though they may not be the easiest are the ones that make us stronger!


How did your runs go this week?

What was your toughest workout?

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