Saturday’s are always my long run day. Even during the off season I still typically run longer on Saturday. It is something that I, for the most part, look forward to every single week.

However, sometimes regardless of intentions you look at the weather and it looks something like this.

Bad Weather1

Instead of panicking (which I did a lot during marathon training) I try to come up with a plan of action. This also helps me get my mind set for what I’ll be doing. This is especially important if I opt for the treadmill.


Switch It Around

It is important to keep your body on a schedule, but switching around your long run isn’t always the end of the world.

If the weather is looking better on Friday or Sunday, then move your days around to accommodate. It doesn’t mean you have to do it each week, but sometimes it can be a nice change of pace.

I have used both Friday and Sunday for my long runs in the past when weather or other obstacles interfered on Saturday.



I talked about my Tricks for Treadmill Survival on Tuesday; however, most of the time I just don’t feel like doing a long slow run on the treadmill.

Week 151

One of my favorite things to do is use days like this to work in a small workout. It isn’t my main workout of the week, so I don’t push myself quite as hard, but adding in intervals throughout the run can make the time go by quicker and will make you feel very accomplished.


Embrace the Rain

I normally won’t run when its pouring rain, but I have a few times in the past when the treadmill just sounded absolutely awful.

The key is to make sure you are dressed approximately. The keys for any rainy run for me are:

  • Hat (I hate when rain gets in my eyes – Headsweats are my favorite)
  • Light weight zip up jacket
  • Light breathable clothing


This is assuming it isn’t below freezing outside; then the treadmill will always win. I just cannot stand being wet and freezing cold!


New Workouts

We love to run, obviously! However, cross or strength training is always beneficial for runners. If I feel like I just can’t possibly do any sort of longer distance on the treadmill, another option is to do a short run and then add in alternate training.

Take a class at your gym (I love BodyPump and really am hoping my gym brings it back at a time I can go), spin, elliptical, focus on weight training, or really just about anything!

Adding in different cross training can help use muscle groups that don’t get targeted during running.


During marathon training it’s harder to just replace my runs with something else, but when I’m in an “off” season it’s nice to have options on what to do. It sure takes the pressure off!


Do you enjoy running in the rain?

What do you do when bad weather threatens your long run?

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