Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. My husband is back on a Monday-Friday schedule so it was so nice having him home with me some more! Sure makes you appreciate every moment of the weekend.

This week of running went surprisingly well. Maybe it’s because I went into it without expectations, but I really enjoyed it!

Here is a look at my running over the past week:


Monday – 6 miles

The original plan was to do my workouts on Monday and Wednesday. However, due to completely awful planning on my part I was not prepared when I woke up at 4:30 AM, so instead I opted for an easy day.

SOS Rehydrate1

It took almost 4 miles for my legs to wake up, but eventually I felt like I had a little kick in them.


Tuesday – 7 miles (workout)

My first workout of the week started out pretty moderate. I didn’t want to kill myself, but wanted to get my legs moving.

The workout ended up being: 2 mile warm up, 6 x 30 second hills sprints, 15 minute steady tempo, and a cool down.

Weekly Recap3

In total it was 7 miles. If you ever want your tempo pace to feel easier, run some hill sprints before!


Wednesday – 6 miles

Another easy 6 miles on Wednesday. I was really dragging for this one but just focused on trying to relax.

My pace actually ended up being much faster than Monday, but it took me a while to get into it.

Weekly Recap2

My focus throughout the run was just to remind myself that no matter how hard running is, it is always a blessing!


Thursday – 7 miles

I had my second workout of the week on Thursday. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate to run outside so I was forced to use our treadmill at home.

I switched gears a bit and focused on a true quick and short speed workout for Thursday.

The workout was: 2 mile warm up, 4 x (200 m FAST, 100 m walk, 100 m jog), 4 x (150 m FASTER, 150 m walk, 150 m jog), 4 x (100 m ALL OUT, 200 m walk, 100 m jog)

Weekly Recap1

It was definitely a challenge and forced me to use muscles that don’t get triggered quite as much during marathon training.

The walking was actually done off the treadmill because mine takes forever to slow down. I just hopped of walking around and then go back on for the jog. The treadmill ended just over 8 miles but with the walking I’d say I ran around 7.


Friday – Off

I took Friday off per usual, but did take the extra time to snuggle with my not-so-little lady before work.

Weekly Recap1


Saturday – 13 miles

Saturday officially marked my longest run since Chicago. I decided to go out with a plan and see how it turned out.

I ran the first 8 miles very easy. I focused on keeping my heart rate down and just relaxing during the first part. I actually did pretty well at focusing on relaxing.

Once I hit 8 I picked up the pace. The goal was 3 moderately easy and then pick it up during the last mile. I ended up doing 2 of the 3 too fast.

Weekly Recap4

I finished the last mile in 7:14 and overall felt really good! I was really surprised how good I felt. I’m pretty sure I’d be happy if this weather stuck around forever! I did one very slow mile at the end for a total of 13 miles.


Sunday – 5-6 miles

The goal for Sunday is an easy 5-6 mile recovery run.


I’ve got some fun things coming up next week plus Thanksgiving! Looking forward to it!


How did your running go this week?

What was your best run?

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