This will officially be my last recap of this training cycle. I have so many emotions and yet they feel very different than last time around.

As I approached Kiawah I felt really strong, confident, and even though there was still some fear there I knew I could do it. However, this time around it feels really different. I don’t really know where I’m at but I’m just focusing on giving it all I’ve got.

The taper has been rough many thanks to an entire week of rain and a hurricane coming up the coast, but you do what you’ve got to do.


Here’s a look at my schedule for the week:

Monday – 6 miles

I knew that my focus this week needed to be to cut down my miles and slow myself down on the easy days.

Manitoba Hemp Hearts1

I started the week out with a slow 6 miles. I was still sore from my treadmill long run over the weekend so spent a good time with the foam roller afterwards.


Tuesday – 8 miles

The idea was to attempt a final modified workout. The goal was to do a warm up and then 7 miles sub-marathon pace (7:24) and then a cool down.


I woke up that morning feeling sick, tired and my legs felt like they had no kick. I still wanted to give it a go. I made it 3.5 miles before hitting the stop button.

I finished the last several miles outside in the rain trying not to get frustrated.


Wednesday – 6 miles

Wednesday called for another easy 6 miles on Wednesday. Still very tired but at least I got to be outside. Even though there was a break from the rain it was about 95% humidity. I still will take that any day!


I wore my Chicago Marathon hat to hopefully get me pumped! I’m not quite sure it worked.


Thursday – 7 miles

Thursday was a mini-workout, but really just a run to get my legs to remember what my marathon pace felt like.

I started with 1 mile outside until the gym opened. Then 1 mile on the treadmill, 4 miles at marathon pace (7:30-7:35), and a 1 mile cool down.


It was much better than Tuesday but still a big sweat session thanks to a lack of air conditioning in the gym.


Friday – Off

As usual, I took Friday as my rest day.


Saturday – 12 miles

My last “long” run was schedule for Saturday. Hurricane Joaquin made it difficult to run outside, so once again I was inside on the treadmill.

The run was designed as follows: 7 miles easy, 3 miles at marathon pace (7:35), 1 mile fast (7:19), and 1 mile cool down for a total of 12 miles.


The run didn’t feel awful and much smoother than Tuesday. Overall, the work is done and I’m ready to just let it be what it will be.


Sunday – 6 miles

The goal is 6 slow and easy miles just to focus on recovery for the upcoming week!


And, that’s a wrap folks! I’ll be back next week with my race plan for you all. To say I am nervous is an understatement, but I refused to not go and enjoy this race!

I spoke with my husband’s coach briefly after my failed workout on Tuesday and he advised to make a few changes to my race plan and to stock with what my body is used to. Even though I didn’t do an all-out workout on Tuesday and Saturday I still stuck to a semi-workout because that’s what my body was used to.

Here’s to hoping it all comes together on October 11th!


How far are you from your goal race?

How’s the weather where you are? We are SICK of rain!

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