Hello there! I really don’t know where this weekend went. I feel like I just left work on Friday and now Sunday is already here. Bummer!

I’m really happy with week 15 of training. I can hardly believe that in just THREE weeks I’ll be running Chicago! I’m nervous, terrified and excited all wrapped up into one.

Let’s get right too it, shall we?


Monday – 7 miles

As I always do I started Monday with an easy 7 miles. It was our first morning of fall like weather, and I even broke out my long sleeves!

Week 151

I can’t tell you how much better I felt running in the cool air!


Tuesday – 12 miles (tempo)

I was determined, or at least very hopeful, about getting one long tempo run done outside. I only have one area I can run on so I try to save it so I don’t get tired.

I ran up to the start, took off my long sleeve, and started!

Week 152

Every once in a while during marathon training everything comes together perfectly. The first mile as always was a bit of a shock, but I focused on staying in the mile, not religiously staring at my watching every 2 seconds, and relaxing.

The miles clicked by and I was so surprised how good I felt. After I hit 10 miles I stopped and said “HOW HE HECK DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?”

I felt strong, really strong, and overall averaged at 7:16 pace; above goal marathon pace. Looking back I realize I should have slowed down. A big part of the tempo run is learning how to feel the pace and control it, but I felt so good I just kept going.  I don’t know why – maybe it was the cooler temperatures or maybe all the stars aligned – but I’ll take it!

I was on cloud nine after this run and it gave me a little bit of hope for three weeks from now.


Wednesday – 8 miles

I had an easy 8 miles on the schedule Wednesday and I was well prepared for a battle. I knew my legs would probably be tired from Tuesday so I started slow.

Week 153

I felt surprisingly well aside from some tight hip flexors which I made sure to focus on stretching when I got home.


Thursday – 8 miles (workout)

I knew I wanted a workout but nothing crazy, I also wanted to keep my miles around 8 for the day.

I ended up doing:

1 mile warm up
6 x 1 mile alternating halves (800 meters @ 7:50 pace, 800 meters @ 7:15 pace)
1 mile cool down

Week 152

It wasn’t an extremely tough workout, but I was tired so I was a bit of a struggle.


Friday – Off

I took Friday to rest up as usual and get a little extra sleep.


Saturday – 12 miles

I had a family reunion to go to Saturday so I was up bright and early at 5:00 AM to get my “long” run in. Thank goodness I had a step back week!

I was visiting at my in-laws so instead of heading out in the dark I opted for the treadmill.

Week 151

This was my view for 11 miles early Saturday morning. It was a pretty brutal run and my body never got into it. I cut the treadmill off at 11 and went outside to finish the last mile.

Not too happy with that run, but completed it and for me that was enough Saturday.


Sunday – 8 miles

I finally get a morning to sleep in on Sunday! The goal is 8 easy miles once I get up and get moving.


I took a bit of a step back week this week after hitting a high week last. I think it’s been good for me and I’m excited going into this last week of training before the taper begins.

I’ve got one more long run and big tempo and then the big work is in the books!


How did your training go this week?

Is the weather cooling down where you are?

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