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I’m sure you’ve all heard how behind every person there’s a story.

As I was laying my clothes out yesterday evening for another 4:00 AM run, I got to thinking about how so many of my running clothes tell a story.


Let’s take a look…


This outfit was what I wore during my very first marathon. I can still vividly remember the pain and then pure joy I felt when I crossed the finish line. To this day each time I pull these out I am always reminded of that day.


This outfit was what I wore last December during the Kiawah Island Marathon. This was my first race for time and my first and only Boston Qualifying time. It was a great day mostly because I knew I had earned it.

week 126

These shoes have accompanied me on almost every single workout I’ve done this training season. They are some of my favorites and we’ve had quite a lot of good and bad memories this time around.


This top was used during several of my long runs this training season; however each one has been really tough. Needless to say it hasn’t been worn in a couple weeks. Yeah, I’m just slightly superstitious.


I couldn’t help but think about these as I went into Dick’s Sporting Goods a few weeks ago to pick up a few new things.

It was so easy to go in and find exactly what I was looking for. The open floor plan is so nice and I was in and out in NO time!


I picked a couple new tops and a sports bra, because let’s face it sometimes new clothes can help give you a little boost and during the home stretch to Chicago I need it!


This top is perfect for the cooler temps.


This simple top to wear to the gym for my strength training and post run cool down.

I found this awesome sports bra on sale! I think the first rack I head for is always the clearance.


I look forward to seeing what stories these will soon tell!


What is a story one of your favorite outfits could tell?

How often do you buy new running clothes?

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