Running was a bit crazy this week. I think crazy is a nice word for “most days were a struggle” but I made it through. I had to make a few changes but I’m hoping with them it will set me up to destroy next week!

One at a time!

Some noticeable changes in my schedule:

  • 2 rest days this week
  • Only one “workout” in the form of a tempo (attempted twice)
  • Really easy days


Let’s get to it, shall we?


Monday – 6 miles

The week started off fairly normal. I ran my 6 miles on Monday nice and slow but I felt so tired. Really tired.

Week 91

That is pretty normal for Monday so I just shook it off.


Tuesday – Off

The moment I woke up on Tuesday I just felt off. Nothing felt right and I knew that my body in no way had a tempo run in it.

I debated for quite some time whether to just go run, but I was just so tired so I went back to sleep.

It was Wes’ birthday as well so I knew it was more important to spend time with him then get a run in after work. So, a rest day it was!


Wednesday – 8 miles (Tempo Attempt #1)

I was mentally in a much better place on Wednesday so went out to a new course to attempt my tempo run.

I did my warm up and then started. The first couple miles weren’t bad, but my legs felt really weak. I kept pushing through mile 3 (and some hills) and soon realized it was not going to be a good day.

I felt sick and weak and so I just cut it at 4. I finished 3 more miles easy and then went home.

Week 93

At this point, to be completely honest with you I was ready to throw in the towel. I was beyond frustrated, upset and was trying hard to not let it get to me.


Thursday – 10 miles (Tempo attempt #2)

I debated just running easy on Thursday but for some reason I had this feeling that I needed to give my tempo run another shot. Wes suggested I try it on the treadmill and run it as a progression tempo.

My run looked something like this:

1 mile warm up
8 mile tempo (8:00-7:19)
1 mile cool down

I started the first 10 minutes of my tempo at an 8:00 to get my legs warmed up. I then worked it down to a 7:35 every 5 minutes. Once I hit 7:35 I stayed there for 10 minutes and worked it down one notch each 10 minutes after that ending at a 7:19.

Week 92

It wasn’t easy, but I completed it! Overall I think my average pace was very slightly off the 7:35 but it was close.

Week 91

I was happy to have it done!


Friday – Off

I had my clothes laid out to run an easy 4 miles on Friday morning.

Yet again, the alarm clock got shut off for another hour. I don’t know why the alarm clock won so much this week but I’ll take it as a sign that it wasn’t worth the 4 miles.


Saturday – 10 miles

I had 10 miles on the training plan. My goal was very simple for this week:

1. I turned all alerts off on my watch so I wouldn’t look at it.

2. Go as slow as I need to.

3. Start early enough so I didn’t get blasted by the heat.

There was no plan for time or pace. The only thing I had planned was to go find my husband once I finished and help him on his long run workout with water.

Week 91

I ended up averaging an 8:33. It was actually quicker than I expected after how I’ve felt all week, but I felt good. It was overcast for the run and I started a little before 8:00 which helped immensely!


Sunday – 10 miles

The plan calls for another 10 miles on Sunday. The goal will be the same as Saturday basically. Hoping for another decent run so I can reset for next week!


In total, my mileage only hit around 45 miles this week. It was a little off from the planned amount (due to taking an easy day off) but I’m just going to go with it.

I’ve been using the weekend to brain storm a bit more and maybe make a few changes. I’ll be sharing it with you all once all is figured out. I’m excited for the next 8-9 weeks. I have work still to do, but I also don’t want to destroy myself in the process.

It’s always a balancing act isn’t it?


How did your week go?

Who else is counting down the days until fall?

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