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The panic is starting to kick in a little bit more every week. I’ve really focusing on making the most of these last weeks, but just looking at a calendar is making me anxious.

In case you were wondering there are officially 41 days until the Chicago Marathon. Seeing as at least two weeks of that will be dedicated to a taper, I’ve got about 27 days of actual work left.

As my husband’s coach told me when I was talking to him about my frustrations:

“Make sure you are getting back to the basics and really focusing on nailing the key workouts. Everything else is window dressing and secondary to the key sessions. Your fitness is there – you just need to put a few cherries on top!”

I sure hope he is right! Fingers crossed!


One thing I changed up this week was there wasn’t a designated long tempo. I have found that this time around doing a long tempo every other week seems to work better. I may increase it as we get closer, but so far it’s been helpful.


Let’s look at this week, shall we?

Monday – 10 miles

As I’ve already discussed in Wednesday’s post, I headed out to the track for my workout on Monday. It wasn’t the best workout and the heat and humidity got the best of me, but it was a nice break from the roads nonetheless!

Track Love3

Warm up, workout and cool down all totaled just over 10 miles for the day.


Tuesday – 7 miles

I started my week with 7 easy miles. I waited for my husband to get up to run up the road so I did the first 3 miles right around myself.

week 127

I finished it off with some core work before heading to work.


Wednesday – 10 miles

Instead of what normally would be a tempo, I opted for a shorter and speedier Fartlek for this week. It was actually the exact same workout my husband had on his schedule.

The workout consisted of:

3 mile warm up
5 x (1:00 min at 5k pace, 1:00 easy)
5 x (0:45 sec slightly faster, 1:15 easy)
5 x (0:30 sec slightly faster, 1:30 easy)
Cool down

week 126

It wasn’t a hard workout, but not all workouts are meant to destroy you. Overall a good 10 miles, but will be back on tempos next week!


Thursday – 8 miles

Thursday morning I had 8 easy miles on the schedule. Wes didn’t have to be in until later, so I got up and decided to use the treadmill.

Some mornings I want to run outside, but I also have to be very aware the entire time when running outdoors that early. Thursday morning all I wanted to do was to mentally check out, so the treadmill it was!

week 126
Afterwards I got a little puppy love before heading to work.


Friday – Off

A rest day was greatly needed, but always hard for me to do. I know it’s what’s best so I focused on recovery and stretching.


Saturday – 8 miles

I switched my runs around a bit this week. Wes had a BIG 26 mile long run on Saturday, and really needed help during it.

I got up early and got in my 8 miles before he started his run. I then packed up the bike and headed to bike with during his run.

Photo Aug 29, 8 14 30 AM

In total 8 miles of running and 26 miles of biking – still not a bad workout right!?

Week 121

I had a pretty awesome view for 26 miles!


Sunday – 16 miles

The plan is to get up this morning and run my 16 miles. My mother-in-law is actually going to be biking with me in hopes I can actually get in a decent long run for once.

Keeping my fingers crossed!


How did your running go this week?

What was your best and worst run of the week?

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