I guess all my reset and refocus goals for the week paid off. It was still a challenging week, but I felt like I was much more mentally in tune with running this week. It was much overdo!

I didn’t stick to the Hansons plan this week, instead did my own thing. I think it paid off great mentally for me, but it still makes me a bit nervous. Not sure how the next  7 weeks will look, but just taking it one day at a time for now.


Let’s start by taking a look at my runs:

Monday – 8 miles

Monday per usual started off with an easy run. I was still a bit tired for the weekend, but actually had a pretty great run. It was a little cooler and I really focused on relaxing.

Week 92

The only issue I had was some calf tightness. I felt like I had a huge knot in my calf, so focused on trying to roll and get it to go away.


Tuesday – 9 miles (Speed Workout)

My speed workout was a little less this week simply because I had plans for some tougher workouts later on in the week.

I started off with a 20 minute warm up combining easy running and a tempo intervals.

Then my workout looked something like this:

7 x 30 seconds fast, 7 x 30 seconds easy
7 x 2:00 minutes 10k pace, 7 x 2:00 minutes easy
There was no break between the two different sets, and even though it wasn’t that hard of a workout it did leave me pretty tired by the end. The humidity really kicked my butt on Tuesday.

Week 91

Finished with foam rolling, stupid calf!


Wednesday – 7 miles

My second easy run of the week did not feel in any way as easy as Monday, mostly due to my pesky calf.

Week 95

After 7 miles it had inflamed again and the knot seemed to be back. I got back from my run and immediately foam rolled.

I even spent some time in the evening using my miracle worker, Primal Sport Mud on it.


Thursday – 10.67 miles (Workout)

I woke up on Thursday with a bit of tightness in my calf, but nothing that bad. The knot seemed to be gone so I said a silent think you to Primal Sport Mud and my foam roller!

I opted to do my work out Thursday on the treadmill. Partly because I was tired of the humidity and partly because I still have a little bit of confidence building to work on.

I started with a 30 minute warm up. It was longer than normal, but I incorporated easy running, walking, strides, and a tempo interval all in it. By the time it was “go time” for the workout I felt ready to go.

The workout was:
2 miles at 7:24 pace (10 minutes faster than GMP)
3 minutes recovery jog
2 miles at 7:19 pace (15 minutes faster than GMP)
3 minutes recovery jog
2 miles at 7:14 pace (20 minutes faster than GMP)
3 minutes recovery job

Week 93

I ran a bit for a cool down, but then instead of going to the planned 11 I cut it short so I would have some time to get a leg workout in before hopping in the shower.

Week 91

I was a sweaty mess by the end!


Friday – Rest Day

We ended up traveling about an hour away after work to stay at my in-laws house for the weekend. The main reason or this is because Wes had a tough 21 mile run on Saturday, and they have a really great trial he could do it on.

My in-laws were out of town so we decided to house sit for the weekend.


Saturday – 16 miles (with intervals)

I decided to switch up my long run. I knew I wanted to do 16, but I wanted to attempt to throw in some marathon pace miles.

The run ended up looking something like this:

5 miles easy
3 x 2 miles (was supposed to be at GMP, but the last 2 ended up being more at a “hard effort”)
1 mile in between each set
2 miles easy

The first set of 2 miles felt good, the second set was a big of a struggle and didn’t hit it quite on and by the third I knew it just needed to be based off effort. I was at 11 and was tired and it was humid.

Week 92

Since I only had one day between my workouts, I’ll take it!


Sunday – 8 miles

The goal for Sunday is to completely relax and recover. Whatever pace that may be is fine by me!


Overall I am happy with the week. Switching things up was exactly what I needed to start my final stretch to Chicago!


How did your running go this week?

Do you ever create your own workouts?

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