I am so thankful for this week. Was it easier? No, not really but it was a great reminder that with perseverance and listening to your body you can overcome several bad weeks of training.

If the same thing would have happened to me several years ago I would have probably pushed myself so hard I would have eventually ended up completely burnt out or injured. However; I’ve learned a lot not only about running but about my body and learning to listen to it is one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned!

This week wasn’t without challenges, but I felt much better facing them and it felt more like a normal week of marathon training: some hard, some easy but I never felt completely exhausted.


Here is a look at my training for the week:

Monday – 6 miles

The week always starts out easy, and I am always grateful. It is a great way to ease into the week.

Week 72

I wore my Hoka’s again for Monday’s run and love them even more. Seriously, I think they are lighter than any of my other trainers but they feel so much more responsive and cushioned. They are the perfect easy day shoe for me.


Tuesday – 10 miles (Tempo Intervals)

I mentioned Friday that I switched up my tempo a bit this week. I knew doing a tempo run only 2 days from my last attempt wasn’t a good idea. Instead I broke it up:

1 mile warm up
3 miles (7:24 average)
4 minutes recovery
2 miles (7:26 average)
4 minutes recovery
2 miles (7:32 average)
4 minutes recovery
1 mile cool down

Letting Go1

It still wasn’t easy, but I knew it was a better option than another straight 7 mile tempo.


Wednesday – 6 miles

I made myself run a different course on Wednesday morning. I get stuck in ruts a lot of time with where I run, and often times it makes it harder.

Week 71

Thankfully the humidity wasn’t quite as bad on Wednesday morning which made it easier to relax.


Thursday – 8 miles (Speed Work)

I got back on track Thursday morning and did the prescribed speed workout.

2 mile warm up
3 x 1 mile repeats with 600 recovery
2 mile cool down

Week 73

In total it was just over 8 miles at the end. My mile repeats ended up being 6:26, 6:33, and 6:31. I was actually really happy with this workout.


Friday – Off

Per usual, Friday was my day off to rest and recover.


Saturday – 14 miles

I knew it was time for a long run on Saturday, but I did my best to not focus on it for most of the week. I am determined to take this training one day at a time.

We headed out to the trail bright and early on Saturday. We knew we needed to get up earlier but were determined to sleep in as well. I set my alarm for 7:00 AM and got up to get everything started. We really like to take our time before runs on the weekend so we got out to the trail about 8:30.

Week 75

In the end I did 14 miles (I accidentally stopped my watch at 13.3 but finished out the 14) in roughly an 8:14 pace. It wasn’t quite the 8:05 the plan called for but I figure with heat and humidity its pretty close.

I stopped for water at mile 9 and got stopped by a gentleman who was trying to get me to run a local half marathon. I wasn’t planning on stopping so it made it a bit harder to get back moving again.

Week 74

It was hot, humid, but overall glad it’s done and happy with the outcome!


Sunday – 8 miles

The goal is an easy 8 miles to recover from Saturday.


How did your training go this week?

What was your best run? We are focusing on the positive this week!

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