I think I’m finally “getting into” training a little bit. The adjustment mentally was a bit tough at first but slowly as I get into it I am finding that I am able to dig a little deeper.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t have hard days, I do! I feel though that with each week that passes I get a little bit stronger. Let’s hope that continues!

Week 44

Friday evening after I got off work we headed to one of my favorite places!

Week 43

We even have this sweet girl with us, which makes it even more fun!


Here is a look at my week in the world of running:

Monday – 6 miles

Per usual, I started the week off with an easy 6 miles. I decided to try a new course to help deal with the monotony of running the same road every day.

Week 44

I think that mixed with the fact that it was in the low 70’s with low humidity had me feeling amazing! I wish it could have stayed like that every morning, but I’ll take it when I can get it!


Tuesday – 10 miles (tempo run)

This run made me the most nervous of all runs during the week. I really wanted redemption from the previous week so I moved it up to Tuesday.

My awesome husband agreed to help pace me during it which really helps!

Week 43

I started with a 2 mile warm up, 6 miles at tempo and 2 mile cool down. I ended up average a 7:23 pace. I can’t think Wes enough for hanging with me!

Week 41

I won’t say it is easy at all, but I got it done!


Wednesday – 7 miles 

The combination of my tempo run the day before and the squats I had done had my legs feeling pretty dead on Wednesday morning.

Week 41

I started off slow and just went with whatever my legs were going to give me. Thankfully they eventually warmed up some and I finished it out feeling much better than I started.


Thursday – 9 miles (speed workout)

I was pretty tired by the time Thursday rolled around, but I was still determined to try and get my workout in outside. I knew I had the treadmill as back up if I wasn’t feeling it.

I started out slow and did a 2.5 mile warm up towards the road I do my workout on.

I tried to relax throughout the workout, but wasn’t the greatest at it. I did the first two in 3:58 and then 4:05. At the end of my recovery my husband showed up to help me through the last three. On the fourth one I had a mild panic attack. I don’t know why I started to panic but my husband had to talk me down a bit.

Week 42

My final splits were: 3:58, 4:05, 4:01, 4:04, 3:59. The goal was 4:00 so overall I’m pretty happy with it.


Friday – Off

After my week of work and running I was so happy for Friday off! I did get up and get in some ab work and strength training done before work.


Saturday – 12 miles

Sunday morning the plan was to run outside; however, once I checked the weather and realized that it was going to be 20-30 mph winds the entire time we decided to move our runs indoors.

I haven’t run on a treadmill in a couple months, so I was OK with it!

Week 43

12 miles total at an 8:00 minute pace. The first 0.25 miles were a bit slower as a warm up and then final 0.50 miles were at 7:53 minute pace.

I was good for the first 10, then it got a little iffy but all in all not a bad day!


Sunday – 6 miles

The goal is 6 easy miles outside. I hope to enjoy one last run at the beach before we head home!


There you have it. I’m overall pretty happy with how this week turned out. Each week is one step towards the goal.


How did your training go this week?

What was your best run?

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