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Happy Wednesday!

I had high hopes going into this week that things were going to go better. I was bound and determined to switch my attitude and move on from last week.

Just to recap, Sunday’s run didn’t go much better. I opted to sleep in late (huge mistake) and my 8 mile run turned into a death march in 94 degrees and a 76% dew point. Yeah moving on….

A positive, I did get to try out the Hoka Clifton 2s!


I am making a few changes which I will go more into detail about on Friday, because my focus is keeping myself happy and healthy!


I’m not going to lie this summer has not been kind to me when it comes to running. In fact, on more occasions than one I have cursed it to no end. However, focusing on the positive is what always helps me get through.


So, let’s do that today!

Evenings Outside

After we had our deck stained a couple weeks ago, we finally got our furniture and grill back out and ready to go.

The summer is perfect for evenings outside, grilling and being with family and friends.

Dinner on the Deck

This is an old picture from last summer.

It is a great reminder to slow down and enjoy these beautiful nights together.


Evening Thunderstorms

I don’t know about you, but I love a thunderstorm in the evening. It’s cozy, relaxing and actually helps me sleep!

As long as that thunderstorm is gone before my 4:00 AM run!


Summer Music

It never fails that at least once or twice during the weekend you will hear beach music coming from our house.

It has always been the perfect type of music to help us relax and it reminds us so much of summer and lying out by the waves. Can you tell I need another beach trip soon?

On top of music to relax to, I love listening to music during my runs. When it’s hot and you need a boost there is nothing better than a great song coming through.


Headphones for me are very tricky. Many of them don’t fit in my ears, and I hate dealing with lots of chord.


On my run on Saturday I was struggling a lot with my headphones continually slipping out of ears because of sweat. The Panasonic Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones don’t even go in your ears, but they don’t slip or move around due to sweat. Win!


The great thing about these is that they allow you to pay attention and hear what is going on around you while still being able to listen to music.


They are water and sweat resistant making them perfect for summer run.

These have quickly changed my running and I no longer struggle with my headphones!


Cold Cold Water

It may sound silly but there has never been a time where I have wanted cold water so badly then on my runs. No other drink can even come close.

We went out and bought three $1 glass jars from Target and keep them constantly full with water. Glass bottles always make the water so much colder.


The summer makes me so grateful for the simplest of things like water!


Less Layers

During the winter I was praying for summer because I was tired of wearing 3-4 layers to go run in the early morning hours. I guess I got what I deserved huh?

I desperately am ready for it to cool down, but regardless it’s nice to throw on my shorts and a tank top and be off. Less time to get ready and more time for me to sleep!

Beach Running1

As they say, humidity is the “poor man’s altitude” so I am hoping this will pay off come October!


What is one thing you love about summer?

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