Starting a new training cycle brings up a lot of different emotions. Ok, it’s not quite as dramatic as that makes it sounds but the fear of the unknowns often comes back to haunt me.

My husband is always telling me “just relax.” I’m sure at this point after 10 years he is tired of saying it, but I know it’s true. It is one of my worst problems when it comes to training. Once I finish one run, my mind begins to swarm and think about the next.

So it got me to thinking on my run yesterday morning, what is it that is scaring me?




When I think about it here are the fears that come to mind:


Ever since my stress fracture I have been paranoid of getting injured again. I try to do everything right, but we all know even when we do things perfectly the risk is still there. I’m afraid of going through another injury and losing all that I’ve worked hard to accomplish.



Failure is a pretty common fear. I’m afraid of not hitting my tempo runs, not hitting my workouts and ultimately failing at reaching the goal I have set for myself.



About a month ago I went through a period where running became really hard for me. The motivation was lacking, I wasn’t able to hit the workouts I wanted, and I quickly realized I was heading for a burnout. The reason this scares me is because now that my mileage is increasing I don’t want that to happen again. It’s not fun to go through and the added pressure of marathon training makes me more susceptible.


Bad Habits Returning

I’ve always been very open about my struggles in the past with disordered eating. I’ve come leaps and bounds sine those days, but no matter how well I do there will always be that little voice inside of my head that I have to fight some days. So far, I’ve always won but I am always fearful some days I won’t.




As I sat down and thought about it, those are my biggest fears. I decided to try and flip them to really look at why I shouldn’t worry about them.


If you are a runner, at some point you most likely are going to deal with an injury. In fact most of us will deal with more than one. The only thing I have control of is doing the things to help lower my risk: proper nutrition, core work, strength work, and form work.

That’s it. That’s all I can control.



Failure is part of life right? So what if I fail? So what if I fall short of my goal? If I cross that finish line healthy and can continue to run at the end of the day that is the most important thing.

Sure, I’ll be disappointed but if I put in the work then again that is all I can do.



This one is a bit trickier as you can only do so much. However, since my plan and running are set for the next 18 weeks there really is only one way I can help avoid this: listen to my body.  Pay attention to the warning signs and if I see them, then I need to back off.


Bad Habits Returning

Anyone who has dealt with disordered eating will know that it just doesn’t go away. Yet, throughout the last year, even during my last marathon training cycle I was able to do things right. If I can do it then, I can do it now. I have to be stronger and focus on what proper nutrition does for my body. Plus, it makes running SO MUCH easier!


I guess the point of this post was to show you that most of the fears we have, aren’t worth the stress and worry. Most of them are out of our control, and if aren’t then there are steps we can take to help avoid them.

My goal during this training cycle is to let go over my fears and take this one day at a time. To realize that all I can control is taking care of myself, my body, and my running. In the end, what will be – will be.


So tell me…

What scares you?

How do you focus on overcoming your fears?

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