It’s hard to believe I am already writing about week one of marathon training. I think I am ready for this crazy ride! The first week wasn’t too bad.  They work you into it, but by week 2 you are up and running!

Even though it is only the first week, this is how I felt for a majority of the week.

Marathon Week 17

Let’s get right to it shall we? Here is a breakdown of my running on the first week of marathon training:


Monday – 6 miles

This wasn’t much of a change from what I have been doing, except for the pace! Hansons even has a pace for your “easy” days. The range for me is between an 8:25 and a 9:01. Even though it’s still not awful for me, I do pay attention to it a bit more on these days than I am use to.

Marathon Week 14

I went out too fast, but eventually slowed myself down a bit. This is always something I struggle with. I fly out and then it catches up to me later on.


Tuesday – 10 miles (workout)

I wasn’t super nervous about my first workout because I knew I had just done the same one the week before. However, the previous week I did it on the treadmill so I knew I wanted to get outside this time!

The workout was:

2 mile warm up
12 x 400 meters (with 400 recovery)
2 mile cool down

It seems simple, but after a total of 10 miles I was pretty tired! My goal for each of the 400s was 1:38. My splits were as follows:  1:35, 1:36, 1:34, 1:36, 1:34, 1:35, 1:35, 1:33, 1:37, 1:34, 1:37, and 1:35.

Marathon Week 16

I was really happy with my splits and workout overall. The treadmill is great but being able to push myself outside when the treadmill isn’t encouraging me on is an even better workout!


Wednesday – 6 miles

Wednesday was another easy 6 miles. I really wish I had different courses to run, but because it is so dark when I get up I don’t venture out from the same 2-3 roads. Sometimes it gets monotonous, but it gets the job done!

Marathon Week 11

I was pretty sore from my work out and weight session the previous night, but focused on keeping the pace and recovering. I also finished up with some drills.


Thursday – 8 miles

Tempo runs don’t begin until next week. Thursday’s are always my tempo day, so I played around with the idea that I might try to do a shorter tempo like I did last week but in the end decided to stick with an easy day. I’ll have plenty of morning tempo runs in the near future!

Tempo runs are the runs that make me the most nervous, but also feel awesome when I’ve completed it! We will see how my first one goes next week!

Marathon Week 15

It wasn’t sunny or crazy hot, but it was really humid this morning! I’ve just embraced the heat and humidity and tried to go with it. Some days it works better than others!


Friday – Off

As usual, Friday was my rest day. I have a really appreciation for them now that’s for sure!


Saturday – 10 mile

Once again Wes had to be at the hospital super early on Saturday. I decided I get up with him, because it is so much easier to get up when you know you have the option to go back to sleep! Plus, it allowed me to spend a little time with him before he was gone all day. I really cannot wait to have my hubby back!

We started out before 4:00 am and my entire focus was just on relaxing. It was so nice to beat the 95 degree heat but I sure didn’t beat the humidity!

Marathon Week 13

Overall a great 10 miles to start off a Saturday. Plus, after a quick nap I was able to have a pretty awesome and productive day and then a great night with the hubby!


Sunday – 6 miles

Easy 6 miles on the schedule for Sunday.


On top of the running I was able to complete 3 days of strength training/weights and 4 days of course work. I was really happy that I stuck with it and have found an easy plan to help me hopefully continue this throughout my training.

Marathon Week 12

I try to do strength training on the days I have a workout so that if I do get extra sore I have an easy day the following day. Thursdays are especially good for it because having the day off Friday allows me plenty of time to recover.


How did your running go this week?

Did anyone else just start training?

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