It is hard to believe that it’s time for me to begin my marathon training. As I began to map out my plan it felt like it was just yesterday I was training for the Kiawah Island Marathon.

As soon as my last marathon ended I started brain storming my goals. I was on such a high and I wanted to keep seeing what I was capable of. It was the only marathon I had ran where I automatically started thinking about my next right when it was over.

There was never a thought of “I never want to do this again in my life” as there have been before.

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I don’t race a lot; in fact I usually will have 1-2 big races per year. Mostly because it’s a lot of strain on my body and I don’t want to push it too far. Staying healthy is always my #1 priority.


I signed up for the Chicago Marathon for a couple reasons:

  1. I love the race
  2. I needed redemption
  3. Wes wanted to do it as well

My past two attempts at Chicago have been a great experience, but neither was I really in shape for or ready for like I wish I could have been. They have been tough, so in many ways I wanted to have a good race in Chicago.


Can’t you tell by the picture it wasn’t my best race?

The time approached to start training and I played around with the idea of trying a different plan. I knew roughly what I wanted my goals to be, but didn’t know what to do. I discussed it with my husband and together we decided, why mess with a good thing? If Hansons worked for my last marathon, why not give it a shot again? I know my body can stand it.

So, here I am again. At the beginning of training and looking at my training schedule like I am crazy for even thinking this was possible. It’s crazy, it’s scary, but those are the exact same feelings I thought last time going into it.

Just like I did last time, I made up a spreadsheet to make training simple:


Aside from the pretty colors, it enables me to have something to look at quickly and know what to do.

If you can’t tell from the paces, here are my goals for the Chicago Marathon. Just like last time I’ve set a couple.

  • Goal 1: Break 3:29 (PR)
  • Goal 2: Re-qualify for Boston for 2017
  • Goal 3: Run a 3:15 marathon

There it is. Now that it is in writing I guess it has to be real right? My big goal for Chicago is to run a 3:15 marathon. It’s a big chunk to cut off, it’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m willing to do it. Looking at the paces scares me. I’ve been using some of them to train with already, but I still feel so far off.

I think back to when I put mine together for 2014 and I remember feeling the same way. I just have to take it one day at a time and see how it goes.

We’ve decided to give the training 3-4 weeks and see how it goes. If I am not able to hit the paces then we may adjust my overall time goal. I want this next dream, but I always want to be realistic and put my health first. There is plenty of time if this isn’t what the cards hold for me.


Monday morning was my very first run. My first couple weeks will actually be fewer miles than what I’ve been running, but more intense at the same time.

Monday sure didn’t feel easy. It’s funny to think that my “easy” pace is now between an 8:25-9:01. That is the pace I was running my long runs at during my last training phase.


If I’ve learned anything from my past training it’s that it won’t happen overnight. It is about getting out there every day and giving it your all. Keeping your eye on your goals, good and bad!

So here we go, it’s time to get it done!


Are you training for anything?

Do you like following a training plan?

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