Hello friends!

It’s been a whirl wind weekend.  It’s amazing how long the weeks can feel sometimes and then the weekend flies by and is over before you know it.

It didn’t help that the husband had to work Saturday night. However, I took the opportunity to head down and take my Mom out to eat for mother’s day! It was a wonderful time to relax and enjoy the time just the two of us.


It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time to look back at the week of running. This one sure came with a lot of ups and downs.


Monday – 6 miles

I started the week off nice and easy. It’s always nice not to have the pressure of a workout on Monday morning. My body needs some time to get adjusted to the schedule of the week ahead.

Weekly 2

Nothing fancy, I averaged around an 8:51 pace.


Tuesday – 10.4 miles (Workout #1)

My first workout of the week was a big one. I already talked about it some on my Wednesday post.

The workout consisted of:

Warm up
7 x 400 (x2) with 400 recovery and 6 minutes rest between sets
Cool down


Going into it I really didn’t realize how many miles it would add up to. It’s a good thing I started out earlier! My goal was 1:38 for each. I think my slowest was a 1:40 and my fastest a 1:35. It was right around the goal, but it took a while for me to figure out the pacing.

The workout actually felt great. It’s a good thing I didn’t know what was coming.


Wednesday – 7 miles

The soreness and dead legs set in on Wednesday after my Tuesday workout.

I averaged around a 9:20 for this entire run and I am pretty sure my legs could not have moved a single bit faster.

I was originally going to do 8 but ended up cutting it at 7.


Thursday – 8 miles (Workout #2)

I was really nervous going into this workout after how tired I had been Tuesday. The workout called for a “30 minute tempo.”

I really had no idea what my legs had in them so decided I would do my warm up and then just go however fast my legs allowed me.

Weekly 3

Overall, I ended up with a 7:21 average for 4.1 miles in 30 minutes. That would be slightly faster than marathon pace, so I’ll take it! It was challenging but felt much better that my legs had something left.


Friday – Off

When Friday rolled around I was more than happy for a rest day! I knew my legs needed some major recovery before heading into my long run and final workout of the week.


Saturday – 11 miles

Saturday always means long run day. I was excited. I felt like I needed a no-pressure long run this week.

My day started off a little frustrating. I guess I didn’t put my Garmin all the way on the charger, or something happened because when I took it off the charger to get ready to go it was dead.

Weekly 4

Thankfully Wes wanted me to drop him off somewhere on my way to the trails, so that gave me time to plug my Garmin in before we left and in the car.

A great thing about the Garmin 220 is that it charges pretty fast!

Weekly 1

I ended up with 11 miles at an 8:04 pace. I turned off the vibration notification so there was no worry about the pace. It was hot and humid, but thankfully overcast so not too bad!


Sunday – 8 miles (Workout #3)

The final workout of the week is:

Warm up
3 x 1 mile repeats (supposed to be at a 6:50 pace)
Cool down

Fingers crossed!!


There you have it. It was a challenging week, but I’m really happy with the workouts I was able to fit in.

We are now officially 1 WEEK out from vacation which makes me pretty excited! That means only 4 more REALLY early mornings before I am on my way to the beach with my hubby!


How did your running go this week?

How long do you find it takes you to recover from a really hard workout?

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