What a week. Sometimes you just have to be happy with what you are able to accomplish and look forward to what is to come.

I wouldn’t say I really followed any schedule this week, and that’s okay. I did what my body would allow me to do. I actually have some things I’m going to be changing around this week because It’s time to get serious about my upcoming marathon training.


Here is a break down of the week:


Monday – Off

As you know, Monday wasn’t my day. The motivation was lacking and I ended up taking an extra rest day.


A little rest and sunshine was perfect and just what I needed to end an awesome vacation week.


Tuesday – 8 miles

The plan was a simple workout:

Warm up
5 x 1200 with 400 recovery
Cool down


Seems simple right? Yeah, after one interval I could tell it was happening. I attempted to do a couple miles at marathon pace but only made it one. I ran easy for the rest of the time.

I was hoping it would be a one day thing.


Wednesday – 8 miles

Wednesday was all about slow, relaxed running. I didn’t look at my watch I just ran around and tried to keep my heart rate down.

I wish I would say it was easy, but it still didn’t feel very easy. I just focused on relaxing. I think sometimes we forget we need to relax.


I did a few quick strides at the end just to get my leg turnover, but they were much slower than normal. Overall, it was a good run. One of the better ones during the week.


Thursday – 7 miles

Originally I thought maybe my legs would come back and I would be able to do a workout on Thursday. The moment I woke up though I knew that wasn’t going to be the case.

I opted for another easy day and to see how my body responded. It didn’t go quite as well as Wednesday but still happy to take it slow and easy.


Lots of stretching and foam rolling happened afterwards.


Friday – Off

I was ready for my day off. I ended up having a pretty crazy day at a work and Wes had to work Friday night so a day off came at the perfect time.


Saturday – 12 miles

I am very thankful for Saturday. It wasn’t that I felt 100%, but it went substantially better than the beginning of the week.

I started off by planning out a route and told my husband where to pick me up. Sometimes this makes it easier for me mentally. I started my iPod and got going earlier than normal to help beat the heat.

I tried to make it as ideal as I could. I wanted to set myself up in the best possible way to have a successful run.


The first 8-9 miles weren’t too bad.  I tried to take it easy and control myself. I have a habit of getting out of control on long runs, so that was my primary focus.

The last 3 miles or so was a bit more of a struggle, mostly due to the increasing humidity.


Sunday – 8-9 miles

The goal is to run 8-9 miles. I’m not quite sure what it is going to consist of. I may try to add some speed into it.


I’m hoping the lack of energy and frustration this week was just from being tired and the humidity. The goal is to keep it easy as long as I need to, and slowly work in 1-2 workouts per week.

Fingers crossed for a better week ahead!


How did your week go?

What was your best run of the week?

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