Hey guys! I’m sorry for the lack of posting on Friday. The original plan was to sit down and post, but then I decided just to enjoy the wonders of vacation and kept the computer shut for several days. To be honest, it was pretty awesome!

Today is our last day of vacation. That is pretty hard for me to swallow, so I am going to lay back and soak up every single minute.

Friday morning we got up and left Myrtle Beach to spend the remainder of Memorial Day weekend with my in-laws at their beach house. It was sad to leave, but knowing you still have part of your vacation left made it easier!


Let’s take a look at my running while on vacation:

Monday – 10 Miles (Workout #1)

We had talked about finding a local track ahead of time, so I knew that hubby and I would need to make our workout days the same. We opted to do them on Monday and Wednesday.

Check In1

The workout my plan called for was a tough one:

Warm up
16 x 400 (in 2 sets of 8) with 400 recovery
6 minutes between sets
Cool down

The goal for most of the workout was simply to stay relaxed. I didn’t wan to kill myself right off the bat especially with the increased heat and humidity.

The goal was a 1:38 for each and for the first 8 I hit 1:37 for each. I was surprised. I was pretty warm after so instead of jogging for the 6 minutes between sets I took 6 minutes and walked around and drank some water.

Beach Running2

The final set wasn’t quite as easy, but I got it done! I averaged 1:37-1:40 for each of those. The more I did the more you could see that my legs were slowing down.


Tuesday – 7 miles

The goal for Tuesday was to go slow and let my legs recover. I did my best, but that heat really takes it out of you after a while!

Beach Running2

I found a simple 3.5 miles out course and then ran back. Wes joined me for the first couple miles since the long out and back stretch can get pretty mentally challenging.


Wednesday – 11 Miles (Workout #2)

I was skeptical going into another hot day on the track, but tried to keep a positive attitude.

Beach Running4

For this workout I decided to create my own. Here was the original plan:

Warm Up
2 miles at tempo
8 x 200 with equal recovery
2 miles at tempo
Cool down

Beach Running1

I completed the first 2 miles at tempo and felt OK. The high schoolers were coming out to use the track so I went out on the road and did the 200’s. As the progressed I slowed down more and more and could tell the heat had taken a lot out of me.

I did 1 mile at tempo which ended up being about 15-20 seconds slower and then added in some 400’s before calling it a day and ending it with my cool down.


Thursday – 8 miles

The final run down at Myrtle Beach was a simple and easy 8 miles. I did another out and back which was hot and tiring but slowing down and just taking in the scenery was nice!

Beach Running1


Friday – Off

Per usual, Friday was my day off and we traveled to my in-laws so it worked out perfectly.


Saturday – 12 miles

I was really looking forward to Saturday’s run. It was the first run with a change of scenery and the heat and humidity were down.

Beach Running1

I headed out for 6 miles and then turned around and came back home. I did 12 miles total. It was a pretty great run overall.

How can you not have a great run with views like that!?


Sunday – 8 miles

Honestly, I’m not really sure what Sunday is going to consist of yet. I originally had a workout planned, but it may end up being more of an easy run.

I guess we will see what I feel like!


There you have it! I had to edit some of my workouts, but all in all I am pretty happy with how it all turned out!

Monday we are traveling back and headed back to work on Tuesday. For now I am going to soak in every single minute left of vacation! I can guarantee you there will be a lot more views like this one.

Beach Running2


How did your running go this week?

How did your workouts go?

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