It’s only Wednesday and I am already so so thankful for everything about this vacation. It’s been a crazy first year with Wes’ intern year and me finding a job and trying to juggle the things in between. Lots of fun but busy changes.

Those changes make it so easy for you forget about some of the important things in life. The little things that mean the most in the world. This vacation has been a great time to remind ourselves of those things.

It also is a great reminder that time with just my husband and I is amazing. Time where we aren’t on time restraints, or under stress, just simple enjoyable time. That’s what vacation’s are for right!?


We still have such a good chunk of our vacation left, but here are some scenes from it so far.


A fun shirt that I’ve joked with my husband we should get.

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Dinner the first night here. We were so happy to finally be here!

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A beautiful view of the ocean after my first run at the beach. And yes, running here is pretty much as I expected. Flat, hot, and humid.

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Monday morning we looked up where the local high school track was to get in a workout. That’s completely normal right?

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I actually got in a pretty good workout. More on that later in the week!


The pure beauty of the beach in the evening. Evening beach walks are the best!

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Hubby enjoying the beautiful evening.

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The most perfect sticker!

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The runs in the morning have been going well for the most part. I am loving the change of scenery but this humidity is NO JOKE!

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Finally, this picture of us out and about Monday. We are so thankful for how beautiful the weather has been so far!

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What do you like to do on vacation?

How has your running been so far?


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