I’ve been in a funk so far this week. I woke up Monday on the coast and was reminded quickly that my vacation had come to an end.

Vacation was absolutely wonderful. In a crazy life where we often see each other in passing, an entire uninterrupted week together as husband and wife was perfect.

However, the post-vacation blues set in Monday morning and I wasn’t able to talk myself into running. Instead I set out on the dock and read until we packed up the car to read. Normally I would beat myself up about these things, but honestly I just shrugged it off. I’m just 2-3 weeks away from marathon training and an extra day of rest was probably a good thing!


Tuesday morning came too early and too abruptly, but I knew the only thing to do was to get back to it!

I had a workout planned but after not running Monday, I really didn’t know how it was going to go. Well….it didn’t go well.


Instead of focusing on the negative howerever; I thought today would be a good day to look at some positives!

Summer running can be tough, but there are some great positives to it!

Beach Running2


1. No More Layers

I love only having to throw on a short and tank top in the morning and head out the door. It can be a struggle sometimes in the winter to put on all those layers!



2. Early Sun

I’ve noticed over the past several weeks the sun is coming up earlier. This morning the light was peeking through as early as 5:20! It’s so nice to not only watch the sun rise but also to not be running in the dark the entire time.


3. Sweating

I love to sweat! I know it sounds weird, but when I run in the winter I don’t sweat as much. Breaking a good sweat first thing in the morning is awesome!



4. Mental Training

Even though it may not seem it at the time, running in warm weather prepares you for your race. It also makes fall weather running feel so much easier! Embrace the struggle. I know that’s easier said than done.


5. Less Treadmill

I don’t hate the treadmill, but I don’t love it either. Sometimes during the winter I result to the treadmill because I just don’t want to get so cold. During the summer months I only run on the treadmill if it pouring down rain.



6. More Relaxed

While I love running during the winter and it can be relaxing, not having to watch your every move so you don’t slip and fall on black ice is great. It makes my early morning much more relaxed.


7. Get Your Tan ON!

I for one am not ashamed of a good Garmin, sports bra or sock tan. Some people try hard to get rid of the, but it doesn’t bother me. Unless I am out at the beach I rarely am out in the sun for long extended periods. Any sort of summer tan comes from running for me!


8. It’s Less Enticing to Run After Work

In the winter many mornings I fight with myself to get up early or wait to run after work. Even though I know morning should always win. In the summer, nothing about running after work in 90+ degree heat an 90% humidity sounds enticing.


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I decided instead of focusing on my bad run Tuesday I was going to focus on the positives of running during the hot summer months. Even if I still will end up cursing the heat and humidity several times.


What is your favorite thing about summer running?

Anyone else had a bad run this week?

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