I guess this isn’t an official “recap” since I didn’t run it, but I wanted to come back and share a little about our Boston trip and Wes’ race.

We had such a wonderful weekend! Sometimes it is just nice to take a small break and get away!

Let’s back up to Sunday. After walking around all over the place Saturday, we knew we needed to keep it low key.

I got up and went out and completed my Sunday workout. It was another beautiful day, it’s too bad the weather couldn’t have carried over until Monday!


I did my warm up, 20 minutes of hard hills, and a cool down. A tough but very effective workout!

Boston Marathon1
After I finished we showered, rested and then went out for a late lunch around 1:00.  Wes seems to find that when he makes his biggest meal lunch it helps avoid stomach issues. We also got some pasta to go so that he would have a simple dinner at the hotel.

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and trying to not think about the weather forecast.

Boston Marathon6

We spent a lot of the day laying in bed watching movies.

On Monday morning due to the weather, Wes chose to take a later bus from the hotel. I actually got up before he did and left the hotel at 6:30 to head to the T to catch the subway into downtown. Being by myself, it makes it much easier to just go to the finish line and wait for him.

It was cool and damp but didn’t really rain on us until around 9:30 and then again at 12:00 pm.  It was so neat to stand there and talk to others around me.

Boston Marathon3

I cannot wait to cross this finish line!

Boston Marathon4

Slowly but surely after a few hours the runners began to come in.

I got a picture of the first women. This was a tight race until the very end!

Boston Marathon5

Boston Marathon1

Then….my phone died!

It said I had about 30% battery left so I was holding out so that I could get a picture of Wes as he came in, but it just died. We are in such a need for an upgrade but have until November before we qualify. It can’t come soon enough!


I was getting text alerts for Wes and I knew that he was right on pace for his game plan for the first half of the race. He wanted to start out conservatively so that when he hit the Newton Hills he still had something left in him.

The problem came after the halfway point. He was in a small pack of runners and they were taking turns leading. He knew after the half that if he broke off he would be pretty much alone and the head winds that had now picked up would hit him pretty strong. It was a risk.

He opted to stay with the pack who were going a bit slower than he would have liked, but he knew it was probably the best decision due to the weather conditions.


He came through the finish line in 2:32:06!

He placed 90th out of males and 101st overall! I am so proud! He ran a smart race and got a Boston PR! His quickest Boston yet on less than ideal race conditions.

He was in shape to run around a 2:26-2:28 and that was his goal. His PR was a 2:29 from Kiawah, and he had been training to break that. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t turn out quite like he had wanted but now he has a great base to build off of for Chicago in October!

We said the whole weekend that out of all the marathons he has run, he has always had good weather. I guess it was time some rain and wind were thrown at him!


After Wes finished I immedately dashed through the crowds to try and get to the family meet up area. It was crazy because the rain had just started coming down pretty hard.

Wes said the moment he stopped it go cold, really fast. When I finally was able to catch up to him he was shaking. I quickly gave him some warm clothes to change into I had been carrying for him and we made our way back to the Subway to head home.


I am so proud of the time and dedicaiton it took Wes to get ready for Boston. His schedule has been less than ideal during the last crucical 2-3 months of training, but he still made it work whether it meant running on the hospital treadmill at 1:00 AM during night shifts or getting up at 3:15 AM to get in his runs before getting to the hospital. He is amazingly dedicated and a constant inspirtation for me!


Oh, and one final thing. I cannot WAIT to run Boston next year! Boston Marathon 2016 I am coming for you!


Did you run Boston?

What are the worst weather conditions you have run in?

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